Plopr | The opener with a ‘pop’ sound


Don’t you love that ‘popping’ sound when a bottle of beer or a bottle of champagne gets uncorked? With the Plopr, you will hear this ‘plop’ every time. The Plopr can be used for every bottle with a crown cap. The project is on Kickstarter as from this week to crowdfund money to produce the first copies.

Some history of the Plopr

Although it’s a great gimmick, we aren’t sure whether it’s actually very useful in the hospitality industry. Johan van de Pol (27), the Dutch inventor of the Plopr says: “Five years ago during a party a friend of mine opened a bottle of beer with the backside of a lighter. It opened with an amazing ‘Plop’ sound. Later that evening after several tries I finally succeeded to open my beer with a ‘Plop’ using a lighter. I learned that every human movement can be replicated using a machine or a tool. I promised my friends that I would invent something that would be easier to use than a lighter. I still hear them laughing at that statement. That event made me even more determined to invent a tool with which everybody would be able to make that great ‘Plop’ sound.”

Why would you want this Plopr?

There are plenty of reasons to order the Plopr. Besides the fact that it’s a nice gadget, it’s also great to give to friends. A great side-effect is that the cap flies through the air. A suggestion from one of our horecatrends team: It would be great if you could see the cap fly, like with a Led light or stars! That would work behind a bar!

The Plopr can be personalized on orders consisting of a minimum 100 pieces, making it a great personal gift or a promotional item for a brand. Do you want to own this Plopr gadget or use it in your bar? Then help them reach their € 10,000.= goal at Kickstarter. With still 22 days to go they funded a quarter of the amount.

Bron: Kickstarter

Website: Plopr

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