Plates made of leafs


Leaf Republic has recently published their well-kept secret of sustainable tableware made out of leaves.

Plates made of leafs

The product? One-way dishes entirely made out of leaves. Their goal is to raise awareness for sustainable packaging and to avoid oil-based plastics in daily life. They thereby want to protect our environment and use its limited resources in a different way.


For three years the start-up company based in Munich/Germany has been doing research in the area of sustainable packaging. This summer, Leaf Republic is revealing now it’s green, biodegradable and vegan tableware (one-way dishes) to the public.

The Company

Leaf Republic carries out pioneering work, being the very first company to develop sustainable one-way disposable tableware and food packaging material made of nothing but tree leaves. The most important unique selling propositions are the green colour of the packaging, the contemporary design, and the unique surface feel which give the customer a feeling of freshness and naturalness. Moreover, it is free from petroleum derivatives and genetically modified components.


Since restaurants are experienting with tableware the last couple of years, we think this innovation adds extra value to the restaurant experience of guests. Beautiful dishes served on plates, only made with leaves. It can be used in food halls as well, where the tableware mostly consist out of disposable tableware.


Are you interested in buying the plates made of leafs? The project is now raising money on the website of Kickstarter. The crowdfunding goal is € 50.000,=. The campaign is running for 29 days in total, only 9 days left! For more information, visit their website. Watch the video of the whole process here.

Website: Leaf Republic

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