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What about a dessert calzone with your own taste of chocolate or as you could say BYOC – Bring Your Own Chocolate. Pizza Pilgrims in Shoreditch London added an option on their menu where you can calzone your favourite chocolate bar. So if you’re obsessed with chocolate, you know where to go for a custom-made chocolate calzone.

Calzone your favourite chocolate bar

Last month Pizza Pilgrims opened in Shoreditch and left my daughter dissapointed. How? Well she went there for pizza on one of the first nights it was open and no one told her – not even their website – to bring her own chocolate! So she couldn’t calzone her favourite chocolate bar. Though her party brought their own booze as Pizza Pilgrims offers BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) as well.  They won’t even charge a corkage fee the first month, after which they’ll charge £2.50. Located at 136 Shoreditch High Street.

So if you’re chocolate-obsessed and living in London, you know where to calzone your favourite chocolate bar! For the pizzeria’s in the Netherlands, we have a lot of chocolate-obsessed Dutch people, you might consider creating your own version! For those selling pancakes, and we have a lot of pancake restaurants in the Netherlands, it’s kind of tempting ‘pancake your own chocolate bar’. ^Marjolein

Website: Pizza Pilgrims

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