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Pierogies, named after the Polish delicacy, is the first concept in The Netherlands serving this bite made of dough. Where to find Pierogies? The concept is situated in the first foodhal in The Hague, MingleMush.

What are pierogies?

The Polish bite made of dough, also known as ´the dumplings out of Eastern Europe´ do have a long history. Pierogi is a, as stated above, a bite made of dough (dumpling) who are filled with either spinach and feta, or mash potato with cheese, or mushrooms, or for example meat/fish and are served with several toppings. From crème fraiche, crispy bacon, sweet onions, spring onions and spicy chicken, it’s all possible. Pierogi is the translation of party in Polish, mostly eaten during the holidays. According to the owners of Pierogies it is a healthy alternative for fastfood, due to the many varieties in toppings and fillings the snack suits the many different taste profiles of customers.

Pierogies, MingleMush

As said Pierogies is one of the 15 food stands situated in The Hague’s foodhal MingleMush. A plate filled with Pierogies will cost you € 4,50. For the customers with a big appetite they have a bigger version for € 6,50 on the menu. Customers can choose out of several Pierogies. For example the basic version filled with mash potato and chees, served with crème fraiche, crisp bacon, sweet onions and spring onions. Or go for the Pierogies Special, a dish served with changing seasonal products. And there is a sweet version called Sweety Darling.


We were suprised about this (for us) new dish, an absolute must to try. Delicious during lunch, as a snack or as a full meal during dinner. ^Bram

Website: Pierogies

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