Picnic in the city: get a picnic basket at Bairro Alto


A Picnic behind the ‘Grote Markt’ (the big square) of Nijmegen (the Netherlands). You can order a picnic basket at Bairro Alto. Take your blanket and your receipt and you can go and enjoy the spot already. When your order is ready, your number will show up on a board. Once you picked up your basket, you’re able to enjoy the sun and the food!

Picnic in the city

We’ve seen more concepts where you can picnic in the city, but not the same way as at Bairro Alto yet, in the Netherlands. We like this concept because you’re able to stay in the city but have some time to relax as well!

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is located in a historic bulding with a creative design. They serve a good cup of coffee and freshly made sandwiches. From the restaurant you are able to see how the breads are prepared, coffee is made and pies are baked.

Website: Bairro Alto

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