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A blog by Leonie van Spronsen who lives and works in New York and enjoys spotting new restaurants and hospitality concepts. This blog about hospitality towards man’s best friend!

New York City just saw the opening of its first in-store kitchen for dogs, Petco (the largest animal store imperium in the US) has offered fresh food for dogs since 2010 but only now opened the first place in America where pet owners can go in store and see chefs prepare food for their beloved dogs live in front of them. If you think this sounds a little nutty, you might think twice: NYC is only the flagship – this type of fresh dog food is for sale on 25 locations in New York State alone!

In-Store Kitchen for dogs

The kitchen of JustFoodForDogs by Petco is high tech, beautifully appointed and offers a large assortment of meals. You can spoil your sweetheart with many different meal options, from turkey with whole wheat pasta to beef with russet potatoes, either fresh, frozen or turned to dry food, almost anything is possible. Of course it doesn’t end there, I mean dogs are crazy for snacks right? So you can buy them home made beef jerky like snacks and freshly bakes cookies. And they don’t forget about your cat either. This all doesn’t come cheap at $8 a meal and bags of snacks going up to $30.

In The Netherlands we do not have such elaborate possibilities to feed our dogs freshly yet but the topic of fresh food for pets is discussed more and more, in Belgium pet owners already have a place to turn to. Topdog’s assortment is smaller but fresh and with time will undoubtedly grow and professionalize.

Which brings us to the main question: is this another fad, something boomers like to blame millennials for? Or will it turn out that we should all be feeding our pets fresh food in a few years?

I guess only time (and lots of unbiased research) will tell..

Website: Petco and JustFoodForDogs

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