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In the above video you’re introduced to robot Sally, the robot that makes perfect salads. Artificial intelligence startup Chowbotics Inc. claims that its device can make a salad in less than 60 seconds. Silicon Valley’s newest celebrity chef offers you a choice of 21 ingredients! Robot Sally makes you a proportioned salad through science. Although we experience the concept more like a vending machine than a robot, we really like the idea and think Sally could be an asset to your hotel lobby!

Robot Sally

Sally is a green-and-brown robot and new salad bar in one. A brand-new creation from Chowbotics Inc. which occupies approximate the space of a dorm room refrigerator. It uses 21 different ingredients to toss a salad like for exampe romaine lettuce, kale, walnuts, cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, sundried cranberries, olives, parmesan, seared chicken breast, vinaigrette and honey mustard. The machine weighs in at 350 pounds, making it appropriate for industrial settings like offices, hospitals, schools etc.  Sally does need the help of humans to prep the ingredients that go into the canisters. The big benefit is the fact that the robot uses less time than a human to prepare a meal and it’s done more hygienic. The latest explained: normally you have more hands working your salad and it’s certainly more hygienic than a serve yourself salad bar.

Sally will debut in Silicon Valley at Mama Mia’s, a fast-casual restaurant in Santa Clara, California and at the corporate cafeteria at H-E-B Grocery Co. in Texas. It was launched for the public on April 13 at co-working space Galvanize in San Francisco. Sally’s current list price is $30,000,= there will be an option to lease one for about $500 per month. Chowbotics will start delivering pre-orders of Sally in the third quarter.

Read the article at the website of Bloomberg for more details.

Bron: Bloomberg

Website: Chowbotics

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