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Every hotelier wants his or her hotel to have 100% occupancy. And preferably with direct online bookings. However, the reality is that a growing number of online hotel reservations are made through online travel agencies, such as, Expedia and Result: you have to pay the online travel agency. The technical startup in hospitality Paxxio has developed a set of tools, with just one goal: to generate more direct online bookings for hoteliers. Martin Paardekooper, General Manager of Best Western Dam Square Inn Amsterdam uses Paxxio, he indicates: “Since using Paxxio, we notice that we receive more direct bookings through our own website. Also, we’re now able to anticipate at the moment our direct prices are higher than the prices at other channels.”

Paxxio | How does it work?

Many guests still think it’s cheaper to book through the big booking platforms. According to Paxxio is this often not the case and is a direct booking at the hotel cheaper. Only how do you make this insightful at your website and thus generate more direct bookings?

Paxxio is user-friendly and very easy to integrate within the existing website of the hotel. At a glance, the price for a hotel room for a specific date becomes clear to the website visitor through both direct bookings and the largest OTAs. Thanks to Paxxio, the benefit is immediately clear if a potential guest visits the website of the hotel. Visitors no longer have to shop online for the best price.

Since the launch of Paxxio in April 2017, more than 200 hotels are now using the app. As of September 1, the founders, Jeroen Weustink and Albert Kreeft, also launched a completely new dashboard. Customers have a direct view of rate parity, availability, disparity and the behavior of website visitors. Prices can be found on their website.

Paxxio & rate parity

According to this technical start-up, hoteliers who have contracts with the OTAs are obliged to rate parity and in the Netherlands there is no law that prohibits this. Of course, you can give a discount on your website or offer an extra upgrade. These discount codes will be included in the widget.

Website: Paxxio

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