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Looking for a not too touristic hotspot in Barcelona is not easy. The metropolitan city that is known for its good restaurants and large number of visitors each year has more surprises to offer. The culinary part of the city, El Borne, offers enough to fill many evenings and stomachs. Don’t judge a book by its cover, Paradiso, the picturesque pastrami bar on the Carrer Rera Paula, is not known for its good food, but for its original cocktails and great ambiance. To enter this speakeasy you will need to go through a big refrigerator door with a guard in front. Behind that door you get to opportunity to enjoy ‘drinkable art’. 

Secret bar or speakeasy | Paradiso

As the night continues, the line is getting bigger with tourists as well as local people. Most of these people do not know what to expect. The big white refrigerator door, which only opens when the guard wants and immediately closes behind the feet of the in and out going guests, is creating a mysterious atmosphere. De average waiting time is about 20 minutes, which is worth it if you ask me.

The wood carved bar and ceiling, together with the chesterfield furniture expresses class and elegance. All the employees have knowledge about the products on the menu and are friendly and willing to help. It is possible to order all the basic cocktails, but the menu only exists of unique and unknown combinations. It is even possible to order a personalized cocktail by giving them 3 or 4 of your favourite ingredients. The bartenders make a show of creating their cocktails, which is a pleasure to look at. Besides that, every cocktail has its own glass, from a pipe to a treasure chest. The prices of the cocktails aren’t cheap but hey, the show is included! I really enjoyed my visit to ‘cocktail’ Paradiso and I most certainly do recommend it.

Visit a speakeasy one day

You can find secret bars or sometimes called speakeasy’s everywhere. Almost every big city has one or more of these bars with their own style, like Door 74 in Amsterdam. Some of the bars require a password or have a guess list, others are open for everyone. A tip: ask one of the local citizens, since it is not always possible to find it on the internet. But if you are excited to visit a speakyeasy, check this list of 10 top secret bars worldwide, on the website of Forbes. I hope you’ll find one close to your holiday destination. ^Jimmy Otterdijks

Website: Paradiso Barcelona

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