Pakistani cooking class with handpicked vegetables


  • Anja & Ferdinand EeuwesAnja & Ferdinand Eeuwes
  • Kookworkshop De Groene Schuur
  • Kookworkshop De Groene Schuur

Ferdinand and Anja Eeuwes grow tropical vegetables, peppers and forgotten Old-Dutch vegetables in their greenhouse for years. During the sale in their regional shop they regularly received questions about the preparation of these products. This eventually led to the creation of a series of cooking classes.

Pakistani cooking class

The cooking classes were set up eight years ago and expanded to a larger modern kitchen in 2009, surrounded by a tropical garden and herb garden. There are 16 different classes available at the moment and the next cooking class is focused on the Pakistani kitchen on 17 November.

From seed to eating

The company developed from a traditional horticultural company into a total experience from seed to food with a local shop, a plant nursery, cooking classes, excursions, educational programs, creative workshops and the hosting of children’s parties.

AEG Cooking Club

The entrepreneurs are ambassadors of AEG since 2014, people who subscribe at the AEG Cooking Club can join free cooking workshops. During these workshops consumers can get acquainted with various AEG cooking devices. The workshops are aimed on people who want to buy AEG equipment or want to learn how to optimize their own cooking skills with the AEG products they own.

The ‘Groene Schuur’ is located at the Lijkweg 9B in Groessen.



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