YtheWait app | ‘Smart Restaurant’ app or digital waiter


  • YtheWait (or whythewait) appYtheWait (or whythewait) app
  • YtheWait (or whythewait) appYtheWait (or whythewait) app

Dirty menus, unhygienic order kiosks and the many separate apps will be a thing of the past, according to the developers of the ‘YtheWait’ app. Their innovative all-in-one Hospitality & Retail App, already helps hundreds of partners to efficiently manage and increase their sales. Your guests can make contactless reservations, order in advance, pay and rate via their mobile. To support the hospitality businesses, the use of the all-in-one application and all the services around it are free of charge until 1 July 2020. ‘YtheWait’ has a user-friendly module that also simplifies booking and table management.

We’re spotting more and more technical developments that will replace parts of the staff’s tasks. This YtheWait app can be a lot more effective, contactless capturing everything via the guests own mobile; from booking, to ordering, paying and rating afterwards. Still we get the sense that human service will be missed but right now the app is useful as your guest only has to touch her or his mobile. Once we go back to maximum occupation with a lack of good catering staff, this app could also be very useful.  read more

Cloud Clubbing | On- and offline music events


  • Cloud Clubbing

Due to the Corona Virus the recent months have been a little crazy and strange for everyone. Not being able to see friends and family, no longer being allowed to go to the gym and no longer being able to go to a festival or nightclub to enjoy your favourite music. The latter especially is such a pity during this time in which everyone can use a bit of fun and cheerfulness. For now, it looks like all music venues and night clubs will be closed until at least the 1st of September here in the Netherlands. Also, festivals, of which we have so many in the Netherlands, will not take place until the 1st of September or might not even be allowed at all until there is a vaccine against the virus.

A blog by our colleague Marguerita Vogelsang about examples from the nightlife and festival scene, an industry that has been hit unprecedented hard economically by the corona crisis. Nevertheless, she also spots all kinds of positive initiatives in this sector.

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Restaurants Culina Hortus and Vanilla Black | The world’s Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants 2020


  • We're Smart the online Green Guide with almost 1,000 vegetarian and vegan restaurantsWe're Smart the online Green Guide with almost 1,000 vegetarian and vegan restaurants
  • Fresh grapefruit, tarragon cream, caramelised hazelnut, meringue, grapefruit ice-cream, grapefruit jelly’.Fresh grapefruit, tarragon cream, caramelised hazelnut, meringue, grapefruit ice-cream, grapefruit jelly’.
  • Multi-coloured cauliflower tabbouleh, ginger jelly, fried cauliflower, soy vinaigretteMulti-coloured cauliflower tabbouleh, ginger jelly, fried cauliflower, soy vinaigrette
  • Frank Fol & the best vegetarian chef Adrien Zedda of Culina HortusFrank Fol & the best vegetarian chef Adrien Zedda of Culina Hortus
  • Frank Fol, The Vegetables Chef® en oprichter van We’re Smart®Frank Fol, The Vegetables Chef® en oprichter van We’re Smart®
  • Chef Andrew Dargue of the best vegan restaurant Vanilla BlackChef Andrew Dargue of the best vegan restaurant Vanilla Black

In Brussels the ‘We’re Smart®’ movement, the undisputed reference in the culinary world of vegetables, revealed the new online Green Guide today and the winners of this year’s Best Vegetarian and Best Vegan Restaurants: Culina Hortus (Lyon, France) and Vanilla Black (London, UK).

The announcement was made by the renowned Vegetables Chef®, Frank Fol, during the official release of the We’re Smart® Green Guide 2020, comprising reviews and ratings of nearly 1000 restaurants worldwide ranked from 1 to 5 radishes, according to the amount of vegetables they use in their dishes. read more

What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus? | Inspiration April 29


As noted last week, we here in the Netherlands are still in an ‘Intelligent Lockdown’ which means, we’re all working from home if possible, restaurants, cafés, hair salons, schools etcetera are closed. But we can take a walk outside and shop for food and even at shops, hardware stores and garden centers. Which means that our gardens are beautiful and everything is fixed at our homes 😉.

As from May 11 our primary schools will re-open and also our daycare facilities, which means a big relief for parents working from home and teaching their children…. At this moment we’re working towards lowering the casualties of Covid-19 at the intensive care units. The next moment will be May 20 at which we hope our government will slowly restart our economy. In the meantime some hotels start to reopen in the Netherlands (they weren’t closed this period but most just didn’t have guests and closed voluntarily). They serve dinner and breakfast in their restaurants and hotel rooms, for hotel guests only! In the meantime we keep spotting all kind of inspiration worldwide around the hospitality industry.

With links this week to articles about DIY pizza kits by Blaze Pizza and a virus killing countertop robot, created by UVRoboclean. They try to fund through Kickstarter.

A great idea by Chick-fil-A, they sell their sauces separately! What sauce could your restaurant sell? It might even be a good idea to sell it through a local supermarket!

Ramadan has become a less social event for all Muslims, no prayers in the Mosque and no big family dinners after sundown. Fatafeat is inviting families to help create their very own ‘home of Arabic cooking’ this Ramadan. And a collaboration between Instagram & ChowNow, they created an order food sticker or button at Instagram.

A great wine label for Quarantine Wine, created by winery Nocking Point, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. IKEA UK shares their meatball recipe and Red Robin offers a ‘Build-Your-Own’ wing bar for home delivery!

the OG Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood in California has re-opened as the world’s first cannabis and food drive-thru.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends read more

Next generation business model ‘Express Double Drive Through’ by Miami Grill


  • Miami Grill has a new franchise concept prepared for the New Normal in the post Covid-19 world

Miami Grill, the iconic South Florida-based fast-casual restaurant brand, has announced the next-generation business model as its latest franchise opportunity, the ‘Express Double Drive Through’. Miami Grill had been working on the new offering even before the pandemic crisis but has now fast-tracked its development with several key investors already interested. The due-diligence period has been completed for this new offering that is in direct response to what the company believes will be an altered business environment in the post-COVID-19 world.

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Aura Aware | Smart distance awareness device for social distancing


  • The Aura Aware, Dutch design for social distancing
  • The Aura Aware, Dutch design for social distancing

The Dutch company Aura Aware created a smart distance awareness device which is a convenient reminder to your employees and customers to maintain healthy distancing. Staying 6 feet apart simply doesn’t come naturally.  The Aura Aware is a smart distance awareness device that helps employees and customers remain a safe and healthy distance in public spaces.

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What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus? | Inspiration April 21


We are writing this article a few hours before our Prime Minister Rutte’s press conference in which we all hope to hear that there will be a little bit more freedom for everybody in the Netherlands. It’s already clear that no major changes are to be expected, but it would be very positive if milestones were indicated to work towards. One of the items for this will nevertheless revolve around redefining our personal space, the rule that is very difficult to put in place for smaller restaurants. In addition to the missing space, they won’t make enough turnover. For companies where the 6 feet distance can be met, it is also important to continue to deliver in addition to the missing turnover. We think that lots of guests will still order online, they love to eat out but are still afraid for contamination.

With links this week to articles about Starbucks who’s investing 10 million USD in aid for partners worldwide, and about a DIY ShackBurger Kit by Shake Shack.

Mask to Go, is an initiative in Hong Kong where about 35 vending machines are installed from which one can draw medical-grade face masks for free! And Disneyland also tries to keep in touch with their (potential) guests, among other things by sharing recipes via social media.

And an article about a door handle that kills 99.8% of all germs! In California wineries across the state created almost 80 virtual experiences, go to the Wine Institute’s website at Discover California Wines.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

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Accor and Bureau Veritas launch a label based on sanitary measures in France


The project is launched to support the return to business in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Accor, a global leader in augmented hospitality, and Bureau Veritas, a world-leading provider in testing, inspection and certification, have joined forces to develop a label designed to certify that the appropriate safety standards and cleaning protocols have been achieved to allow businesses to reopen. The label will cover both accommodation and catering, and will set the sanitary standards applicable to all the Group’s hotels as well as to other chains and independent hotels. The project was carried out in partnership with doctors and epidemiologists, and has been developed in collaboration with Accor owners and trade associations, such as UMIH, GNC, and GNI.

The bigger economic picture will be blurred by the psychological mood of people. Lots of people, especially the 50+ group will remain anxious. Somehow the hospitality industry has to regain their trust and convince their guests that a visit to their facility is safe. It will be difficult to do so by just implicating that you’ve cleaned everything… For hotel & restaurant chains a cleaning standard label, like the different quality systems in the business to business industry, might facilitate that trust. It might be wise to create one safety standard and cleaning protocol for the whole industry worldwide. And although parties might think differently, it shouldn’t put a financial burden on individual smaller hotels and restaurants. Living up to a new standard might be our mutual concern. ^Marjolein

read more | A hotel room as solution for the work from home challenge


  • Initiatiefnemer Seffie Treistman op een werkplek in Holliday Inn Express City Hall Amsterdam

Inspiration from the Netherlands where two entrepreneurial freelancers offer a solution for those who can no longer cope with the challenge combining working with their family at home as well during the corona virus crisis. ‘’ (which can be translated at ForThe PeopleWorkingFromHome) is an initiative of Olivier Kruger and Seffie Treistman, who hope to contribute to lower the pressure at home by providing a quiet workplace and helping hotels generate revenue so that their employees can keep their jobs.

On the second of April we already wrote about Hotel Kom in Maartensdijk (The Netherlands), which had taken a similar initiative as an individual hotel. In response to the article we understood that other hotels were also providing workspace in their own surroundings. is a platform to make these addresses more accessible for those who find working from home too much a challenge! And for hotels, every little bit can help in these harsh corona times ……

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What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus | Inspiration April 10


And then it is Easter! Most restaurants that have been delivering are now busy preparing their dishes. Last Wednesday, our colleagues from Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultants  published a whitepaper: ‘Coronavirus crisis, resilience of the catering industry’, in which one of the conclusions is that even when the catering industry could start up again, in the new reality, the ‘social distance society’, delivery will certainly prove to be an addition to the turnover.

This week’s inspiration!

Including initiatives of collaborations between supermarkets and catering suppliers and restaurants.  But also a restaurant chain in the UK that is considering to create mini supermarkets in their restaurants in which they will sell products from their suppliers.

Great item for your newsletter, ask your regular guests what they are missing from your hotel or restaurant as done by the Oetker Collection. They also give recipes and exercises to keep fit. #WESTAYUNITED

Some brands even draw attention to ‘Social Distance’ with their logo, such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s in Brazil. Jure Tovrlian from Slovenia made a few examples, the last one is very funny!

A very useful item in this coronavirus period has more than raised their target amount on Kickstarter, a keyring with a ‘Hygiene Hand’ attached to it. And an example of how the BrewDog brewery is coping with this crisis, they have a Hop Drop app with drive-thru beer collection points, they help make handsanitizers and they organize an online bar.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

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Flexotels | Mobile ‘corona proof’ booth to visit grandparents safely


  • Mobile 'corona proof' visitor booths by Flexotels
  • Mobile 'corona proof' visitor booths by Flexotels
  • Mobile 'corona proof' visitor booths by Flexotels

Yesterday, my sister and I brought laundry, literature and treats for Easter to my mother who lives in a care home. A cheerfully waving mother behind the window of her room, but also a lot of misunderstanding about why we do not come in. Flexotels in the Netherlands, which normally rent out mobile sleeping units for large events, have changed a number of these units as a mobile ‘corona proof’ booth. A good example of positive ‘thinking different’! In Asten (in the south of the Netherlands, the Hof of Bluyssen was the first to purchase such a container. ^Marjolein

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Bird Bingo | Virtual opening from the new tasting room ‘House of Bird’ from Bird Brewery


  • Vogelbingo door Bird Brewery voor de opening van 'House of Bird'
  • Vogelbingo door Bird Brewery voor de opening van 'House of Bird'

Inspiration from Amsterdam! A virtual opening of a new tasting room from Bird Brewery. On April 25 from 8.30 pm those who ordered a Bird’s Bingo Beer Package can play a virtual ‘Bird Bingo’ from the new tasting room, ‘House of Bird’. The tasting room ‘House of Bird’ in the Diemerbos (near Amsterdam) would open in the end of April. Unfortunately, there is no big opening for the time being because of the lockdown, but the brewers want to give their guests a glimpse during a real ‘Bird Bingo’. If you’re living in the Netherlands you can play along, that is if you understand the Dutch language! Order a Bird’s Bingo Beer Package via their web shop, receive a special bingo card and play on a live stream on April 25 at 8.30 pm. You might even win a great prize!

How to open virtually! Here in the Netherlands lots of people love to play games these days and the guys from the Bird Brewery use that fact to open their new restaurant  and tasting room virtually.

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What does the catering industry do in the context of the COVID-19 virus | Inspiration April 6


Gradually we get used to the effects of the Covid-19 virus here in the Netherlands, fortunately many keep their distance and many people are able to work from home. Maybe even in the sun today! But more and more entrepreneurs are starting to worry about the economic impact. They could survive the first deadline here of the 6th of April, but the effects are getting more serious now. Fortunately, we see a lot of inspiration and even experience it ourselves, such as restaurant owners who add a card to the delivery to thank their guests and offer a glass of bubbles when his or her business is open again.

This week’s inspiration!

With initiatives involving collaboration like between the kitchen of Eleven Madison Park & the Rethink Group. The restaurant with three Michelin stars is now part of a ‘Soup kitchen’ and an example from a takeout meal from restaurant Alinea in Chicago, also with three Michelin stars.

A bagel shop ‘Call Your Mother’ in Washington reopened and came up with a very special and original auction!

In China we have spotted a special delivery initiative at Meituan, they deliver a paper shield behind which you can eat! And New York-based technology and lifestyle company Air Co. makes hand sanitizer out of CO2. We already wrote about their carbon negative vodka earlier.

An initiative by Airbnb to offer health care professionals and first responsers sleeping places closer to their work. And an article that made us realize how difficult entrepreneurship in the U.S. is. We came across an article about choosing between offering delivery which increases the possibility of infection of employees with Covid-19 or fire to them.

Stay healthy and take care of each other! ^Team Horecatrends

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

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Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter


  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter
  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter
  • Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG WalterLockdown Kit by Patty&Bun X HG Walter

Most of the Dutch people saw the crowds in the tubes in London on the news so we really understand the statement on the website of Patty&Bun. Here they indicated that they wanted to keep going for as long as possible, but felt it was no longer viable, or safe for their teams to travel into work every day. So…. What’s next? No more burgers for their guests? Well they’ve created a Lockdown Kit by Patty&Bun, through the butcher HG Walter their guests can order their ‘Ari Gold’ Cheeseburger or the ‘Smokey Robinson’.

We love all the collaborations and inspiration we spot at this moment. This is one that we think might be used by restaurants and fast food chains in collaboration with their suppliers! And you have to admit the result of a kind of DIY kit with the right ingredients must be more tasteful than a burger ordered in….  read more

BACARDI® is going to help produce more than 267,000 gallons of hand sanitizers


  • Bacardi logoBacardi logo

Brands across company’s portfolio including BACARDÍ®, MARTINI®, GREY GOOSE®, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, DEWAR’S® and ANGEL’S ENVY® unite to help produce more than 267,000 gallons (1.1 million litres) of hand sanitizers. All BACARDÍ® hand sanitizers produced in collaboration with the brands contain more than the minimum alcohol content recommended by the World Health Organization for containing the spread of the virus. These temporary, emergency actions at all locations will not disrupt the supply of brands in the Bacardi portfolio.

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