Our/Amsterdam Vodka, made locally and sold locally


Since early October Amsterdam has its own Our/Amsterdam Vodka. Our/Amsterdam is one of the nine small production facilities owned by France’s Pernod Ricard.

Our/Amsterdam Vodka

Our/Amsterdam has started producing their Vodka in the distillery at the Helikoperstraat 32, in Amsterdam. The distillery has a production facility and a tasting room which is ideal for small events and tours. The tasting room is very trendy, with industrial lamps combined with green plants and copper accents. The vodka in Amsterdam has a soft taste with a subtle aroma. Although the recipe for all the Our/Vodka’s has been developed by Vincent Hoarau of The Pernod Ricard Research Centre, most ingredients are sourced locally and every location has its own brew master. In addition they say that in every city the taste is infused with the personality and expression of the city.

Although part of a global parent company with locations all over the world, every Our/Vodka produces a local vodka, sold for local markets. Like Our Vodka Berlin, Stockholm, Detroit, Seattle and Our London will open this month and next year New York, Los Angeles and Miami will follow.

About the team behind Our/Amsterdam

Amsterdam entrepreneurs Marcel Wortel and Ivo Hulscher teamed up with Pernod Ricard to be the Our/Amsterdam partners of the Our/Vodka family. The team is completed with Joris Doesburg, sales manager, Martijn Schavemaker, distillery manager and Anton Bal, social media guy. Their message: Our/Amsterdam is smooth, fresh and composed to blend well with any mixer. But keep it simple, it’s vodka.

Website: Our/Amsterdam Vodka

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