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Orbisk has developed a fully automated food waste monitor. The waste collection point of F&B-companies will be equipped with scales and a smart camera, which will record exactly what is thrown away and what amount. Based on the collected data, bundled in clear online reports, you can optimize the supply, purchasing process and your menu and thus save up to tens of thousands of euros per year! 

Our colleagues from Van Spronsen & Partners Hospitality Consultancy and Hospitality Administration have been telling their customers for years: data is knowledge! (in Dutch: meten is weten). By keeping track of your turnover on a daily basis, you get “grip” based on data so that you can estimate how much you will approximately turnover on a certain day in a specific periodAs this food waste monitor shows this knowledge is also highly effective for reducing food waste! In the past, we have written about a similar product, named WinnowThese systems are very suitable for the larger professional kitchens.  

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Orbisk’s food waste monitor 

Automatically get a grip on the food waste in your kitchen via Orbisk’s food waste monitor. By analyzing your waste data with this monitor, you can reduce food waste up to 50%, according to the inventors of this fully automated food waste as an F&B-related company. 

Orbisk’s food waste monitor has a camera with AItechnology that automatically recognizes which products are being thrown away. You gain insight into your food waste via an online report. You receive insights at how much food waste you throw away weekly, daily or even on ingredient level and how you can prevent this. Data shows exactly at which moments food waste mostly occurs and why. Based on your data, you can optimize the supply, the purchasing process or your menu. This not only saves money, but it also prevents a lot of unnecessary food waste! There’s a page on their website where the cost reducting can be calculated. Orbisk recently won € 100.000, – during the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge. 

Watch the video below in which CEO Olaf van der Veen explains how the system works. 

Website: Orbisk

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