Opening of Brasserie Bruis in Haarlem


  • Brasserie Bruis HaarlemBrasserie Bruis Haarlem - credits Ivo Geskus @SpecialPixels
  • Jozua Jaring en Bas Averdijk - Brasserie BruisJozua Jaring en Bas Averdijk - Brasserie Bruis - credits Ivo Geskus @SpecialPixels
  • Brasserie Bruis HaarlemBrasserie Bruis Haarlem - credits Ivo Geskus @SpecialPixels
  • Brasserie Bruis HaarlemBrasserie Bruis Haarlem - credits Ivo Geskus @SpecialPixels

Disclaimer: directed more towards Dutchies. But if you’re living in the vicinity of Haarlem this might be a brasserie you have to visit!

Opening – Chef-owner Jozua Jaring and maître Bas Averdijk of Michelin star restaurant Ratatouille Food & Wine in Haarlem will open their Brasserie Bruis in Haarlem on November 3, 2021. The brasserie is located at Lange Veerstraat 15, where the Petossi restaurant used to be. Bruis is an informal brasserie where guests can enjoy high-quality international brasserie dishes, a snack and a good glass of wine.

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Chefs of Michelin star restaurant Ratatouille Food & Wine open brasserie

The partners have been looking for a brasserie for some time. Jozua Jaring (43 years old): “The Lange Veerstraat is located in the heart of the city center and is a lively bustling street with many restaurants. It is the ideal location for an accessible brasserie. Coincidentally, Brasserie Bruis is located next to the building where I once started Ratatouille Food & Wine in 2013. Ratatouille has now been located at the Spaarne, a 2-minute walk from Bruis.”

Great food with a good glass of wine at Brasserie Bruis in Haarlem

The menu consists of à la carte dishes such as carpaccio, terrine of duck liver, crème brûlée of chicory, ravioli, turbot, ribeye and duck leg. Starters are from € 11.50, main courses from € 14.50 and desserts from € 9,-. Joshua Jaring: “We also offer a three-course menu for € 39,- and there are appetizers such as oysters and a meat platter. The latter is also suitable for the guest who wants to  have a snack and a drink. With Bruis we offer tasty food made from top quality products with a good glass of wine in an informal, relaxed ambiance. We are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 5 p.m., so that guests visiting a concert or theater can also enjoy a good meal without having to hurry.”

One team, one outfit

The interior of the 100 m2 restaurant has recently been given a minor makeover, resulting in an attractive establishment with an intimate ambiance. Bas Averdijk (36 years old): “The colours in the restaurant have become lighter and there are new, fabric-covered chairs. We can accommodate up to 45 guests, including 4 seats at the bar. The kitchen team and the service team work closely together and that is why we present ourselves to the guest as one team by wearing the same colour outfit.”

Bruis as learning school

Ratatouille Food & Wine remains the basis for both partners. Jozua Jaring: “The Bruis team runs the business independently, with Bas and I supervising the front and the kitchen. Of course we are regularly in Bruis and I will certainly occasionally cook a dinner service in the beginning. In Bruis we give others the space to do business and we will also train people who, if they wish, can later work at Ratatouille. To complete the team, we are also looking for colleagues for the kitchen and the service.”

Website: Brasserie Bruis

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