Opening Botania Food & Beer Garden in Utrecht


  • Botania Food & Beer gardenBotania Food & Beer garden
  • Botania Food & Beer gardenBotania Food & Beer garden
  • Botania Food & Beer gardenBotania Food & Beer garden

The historic city center of Utrecht has gained a new restaurant concept. Brewer Lowlander and restaurant The Streetfood Club have joined forces. Botania Food & Beer Garden promises to be an inspiring meeting place where natural, tasty beers and delicious dishes come together. A match made in heaven – and all that in an atmospheric, tropical green setting. Botania will be open every Monday to Sunday from Saturday the 11th of September onwards for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can read about a previous collaboration between Lowlander and The Streetfood club in this article.

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A journey of discovery

Although Lowlander is known for brewing with botanicals, the beer brand has always had a great fascination for the culinary world. Founder and Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman: “We find it incredibly inspiring to see chefs at work. Where we add botanicals such as herbs, spices and fruit to our beers, they add them to dishes just as well to give them more color, taste and depth. Therefore we find it beautiful to bring these worlds together.” With the opening of Botania, a long cherished dream of Kampman is secretly becoming reality. “We’ve been longing for a place of our own for some time now. A place where we can bring the world of botanicals to life through beer & food pairings. With Botania we get that chance. And to be able to do this together with such a leading hospitality partner as The Streetfood Club is great. We are both passionate about to take people on a journey through flavor. We will start that journey at Botania.”

The Streetfood Club goes green

Botania is located in the recently opened Green UP: the department store of the future where sustainability is of great importance. “It’s no different for Botania,” says co-founder of The Streetfood Club Wes Schreutelkamp. “We believe that healthy and nutritious food is delicious and certainly doesn’t have to be boring. In addition, we try to give as many products a second life as possible. We work with local, organic suppliers for honest and tasty ingredients and make sure that nothing is thrown away. For example, we work with De Clique, who make syrups from leftover citrus peels and recycle coffee-grounds for a real mushroom farm. In our kitchen we work with different preservation techniques so that our ingredients not only have a longer shelf life, but will also taste extra delicious.’’

This is what you can expect

Curious what you can expect at Botania? With Lowlander as one of the initiators, there is no shortage of beer. Thanks to the varied selection of botanically brewed beers, you can choose a suitable beer with almost every dish. The menu also offers enough variety, so that there is something to eat for everyone. The menu will also offer vegetarian and vegan dishes: mainly healthy and varied with surprising guilty pleasures. From homemade banana pancakes and slightly spicy cauliflower curry’s to finger food such as halloumi fries and corn tempura. And that’s not all. In addition to the delicious refreshments, monthly events will also be organized at Botania. “When it comes to a greener future in combination with taste, we are only too happy to share our knowledge,” says Frederik Kampman. “That is why we are launching various workshops, masterclasses and seminars that will teach you all about this. Themes such as preserving and preserving and using the power of nature to create flavors are some examples that we will cover.”

Botania Beer & Food Garden will be open every day from Saturday the 11th of September onwards for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.


Website: Lowlander Beer & The Streetfood Club 

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