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It’s actually strange in the hospitality industry; there is quite a stir around guest taking pictures of their dishes. Some chefs and their guests are annoyed by the flashes of the cameras, others go a step further and give guests the opportunity to shoot a perfect picture! Yet there are still a few restaurants that showcase their dishes on the website, the menu is usually hidden in a pdf file. Weird in a time where young people (particularly up to 35 years) communicate through pictures (Instagram).

Online Menu wants to change this. They place your dishes with photos on the homepage . In addition, they provide insights in your potential guests and audience. Guests will also have the opportunity to write a review. On the website guests can filter the online menu labels and ingredients, see how other guests rate the dish and have a look at combined side dishes or drinks that were combined with the menu. A reservation module is build in. This system can be used to increase the service; it is in fact linked to a reservation website. Nice to know that the Smith family is coming for dinner for the 10th time.. And you could offer them a menu with their favorite dishes.


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