Offer your guests extra service with the ButlerPad


The ButlerPad is one of the new innovations in the hotel industry. The app, available for guests who stay at the hotel, has to make sure that your guests have everything they need both inside as outside the hotel. Not only the guests who are profiting from the app, but the ButlerPad is also beneficial for hotels.

What can you do with the ButlerPad?

First of all the ButlerPad shouldn’t be seen as a replacement of familiar concierges at hotels but more as an extra service for your guests. The app offers several benefits for inside the hotel (direct communication with room service, spa, restaurants, housekeeping, etc.) but also outside the hotel (local restaurants, events, transport) and offers the guests the possibility to arrange all this on their own smart phone or tablet with the City Guide. A share of the revenue generated through this these bookings is given to hotel partners, providing an new revenue stream for hotels.

There is more. We received data from ButlerPad of a hotel with 285 rooms that uses the app. The first year they saved € 11.000,= in printing costs, 2712 times has been asked for room service and almost 600 times housekeeping request. It seems to be more approachable for guests to use services when they don’t need to call. The app itself is free. Both for the guests as the hotel.


Currently the app is only available in Asia. In Singapore and Thailand there are fourteen hotels who use the app. From Q3 this year the ButlerPad should come to Europe as well, starting in Germany. It probably won’t take long till the app is also available in the Netherlands.

Website: ButlerPad

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