Nuts for drinks: nuts to combine with your beer


Over the past ten years, the beverage industry has evolved significantly and many flavours have been created and developed to enhance people’s drinking experience. With all these new beverage creations popping up, what about snacking options? Can we enhance people’s drinking experience by offering them the perfect snack to match their, for example, favourite beer?

Nuts for Drinks

Adam Rozen believes so and therefore came up with the Nuts for Drinks idea. The ‘Nuts for Drinks’ line-up is a range of flavoured nuts that have been specially created for beer. The peanuts are baked and then coated in different seasonings to pair with specific types of beer. There are four flavours to choose from, including citrus-flavoured nuts that are meant to match the different hop varieties found in IPAs, and chutney-flavored nuts that add a hint of spice to lager-style beers. The concept has proven extremely popular among consumers, with brands such as Disney World already offering the product in some of its venues.


It’s already possible to order the Nuts for Drinks in the United States. The hospitality businesses in the Netherlands have to wait a bit longer till the moment they can change the standard salted nuts into the flavoured nuts by Nuts for Drinks. The purchase per 2 oz. bags will be around € 1.50 per bag. Sure, the extra income earned with the bags is okay. However, the fact that guests can combine their favourite beers with flavoured nuts is even better.

Website: Nuts For Drinks

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