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Will Nuna be the next big thing in popsicle trends? Nuna is a popsicle created by a team of specialists in the disciplines of culinary art, architecture, design and science.

The Nuna Design, ‘Form follows taste’

Nuna popsicles are unique in the unwillingness to compromise while realizing a simple idea. The crystal/pyramid shape is just the starting element in the design language of Nuna. It’s supposed to reflect the sensation of ice crystals bursting on the tongue while causing a unique and intense tingling in the mouth. The visual experience of the crystal/pyramid shape thus continues as a sensory experience on the tongue. The crystal taste must be an adventure for the tongue. This is made possible with the help of the molecular cuisine. The internal product development theme was „Form follows taste“. The popsicle has a bamboo stick which provides a sturdier grip than the typical narrow wood one.

The Nuna taste experience, The flavours

The team that developed Nuna wants to offer an unlimited variety of flavours: seasonal, regional and depending on the kind of occasion and event. The popsicle is made with organic fresh fruits, fruit juices and selected spices completing each flavor. Some of the flavours contain alcohol – turning the frozen popsicle into a frozen cocktail on a stick.
The flavours that might go in production are at the moment; Framboise, Strawberry Mint, Pear Ginger, Muro (Blood Orange) Honey, Mango Lemon, Peach Lime, Matcha (Green Tea) Lemongrass, Red Starrenette (Apple) Cardamom, Cosmopolitan, Campari & Ginger Orange, Mojito and Vodka Lime.

Where can we taste Nuna?

This year Nina will have a slow launch and will be part of selected art openings (Nuna was exhibited as a design object at MART, Italy, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovere), fashion shows, music festivals and in selected clubs, (rooftop) bars etc. The possible cities where Nuna will be launched are Berlin, New York, Miami as well as London and Tokio.
This popsicle is art!

Website: Nuna

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