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NOHBO Drops are single use, water soluble Drops containing shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shaving cream. Each Drop, when mixed with shower water for 2-4 seconds, will produce an excellent personal care experience with no harsh chemicals, free of parabens and sulfates, and no damage to the environment. Thus eco-friendly and made right for the body. In the Netherlands, Bunzl foodservice will start selling them in 2019 and they’re nominated for the Dutch Horecava Innovation Award 2019.

Nohbo Drops | Eco-friendly personal care products 

In 2018, NOHBO unleashed its Drop line. After years of extensive research & development and thousands of hours in the lab till they reached a breakthrough, they successfully developed the world’s first single use, water soluble Drop for personal care products. One simply takes a shampoo drop in their hands under shower water, and the product melts instantly. NOHBO Drops are comprised of two parts; An outer film utilizing the most advanced up-and-coming water-soluble technology, alongside a moisturizing base comprised of shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shaving cream.

About Nohbo

NOHBO was quickly formed in an effort to combat that waste, and create a superior line of eco-friendly personal care products. Back in 2016, NOHBO aired on ABC’s Shark Tank, and successfully secured an investment from famed investor, Mark Cuban. Following that appearance, they released their signature NOHBO Shampoo Balls. These single use products dissolved instantly and lathered incredibly. However they progressed further with the vision of eliminating waste, and reducing the cost for their eco-friendly personal care products.

Website: Nohbo Drops & Bunzl Retail & Industry

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