No more old coffee beans with Voltaire


The newest coffee grinder is the Voltaire. A portable grinder which can be used both in- as outside your apartment without the beans losing their quality. In fact, the coffee grinder monitors your coffee beans and reorders whenever you need a fresh supply.


According to the creators of the device a good cup of coffee starts with two things: fresh beans and a great grinder. These two critical elements – fresh beans and consistent grind – are combined and turned into one amazing machine: Voltaire. The idea was to take the quality from the huge professional grinders and present it in a beautiful single package which can be used at home.


The nice thing about Voltaire is that the device knows how fresh the beans inside are. By connecting Voltaire with an app, all kinds of useful information appears on your mobile screen. How many beans are still available, how fresh they are and on which days do I use the most? Are you running out? You are able to order your favourite beans directly at various suppliers.

The project is raising money kickstarter and raised already 75% of the goal with 40 days to go. The Voltaire costs $ 229,- and is still available.

Bron: Kickstarter

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