NIVEN’s new kitchen


In the beginning of October chef Niven Kunz started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for a new kitchen in his Michelin starred Restaurant NIVEN. He hopes for your support in co-funding the renovation of his kitchen. He needs to raise € 50.000,- for the kitchen including a chef’s table with room for 12 guests.

Several ways to back the project

You can pay € 60,= for a 10 course tasting table or reserve the entire chef’s table for one night for € 1.250,=. After Christmas, the restaurant is closed for remodelling. Co-funders can come and eat when the renovation is completed, early 2015. It’s also possible to order the Niven 80/20 cookbook (only available in Dutch) or a bottle of NIVEN’s liqueur, The Gold Selection.
Niven Kunz quotes about the crowdfunding campaign: “Because of the fact that I’m active on social media, all my guests are involved with my restaurant. This action will only increase this. Isn’t it great to be able to tell that you have helped with the renovation of a kitchen in a restaurant?” The action will continue until 8 November and the fund raised so far is € 7.000,- (29 October).

New website

The new website of restaurant NIVEN recently launched. It’s a minimalistic website with a prominent role for the suppliers of the restaurant, with beautiful pictures by Daniel Maissan.

About the chef

Niven Kunz is a chef with an eye for great ingredients. He uses 80% of vegetables and 20% meat or fish in his dishes.


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