Newspaper menu comes alive


Guests of Center Parcs restaurants can scan a newspaper menu with their phone for a virtual reality experience. With the use of an app guests can help foodservice Albron with further improvements, see extra information, receive advice about food or drinks that are connected to the current weather or vote on their favourite employee. The newspaper menu increases the level of experience in the Center Parcs restaurants where Albron takes care of the hospitality and food retail.

Newspaper menu

The newspaper menu offers access to the digital world. The technique that’s used, augmented reality, makes the print come to life. The stories of new hospitality concepts are filmed to excite the guests. The guests aren’t spectators of the decor where they eat and drink but they are a part of the story. This makes the experience of the restaurants complete.

Corine Holtmaat, manager of Albron says about the concept: ”People are flooded with information and read less in general. Footage is a good carrier to tell a story, to reach out to the viewer and take him away with you, that’s why this choice was made. Another benefit of the video is that you can excite multiple senses and can gain more impact in the communication. That’s how we touch people in the heart and create valuable moments and memories.”

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