New: the vegetable- and fruit butcher


New in the United States: the vegetable- and fruitbutcher. The ‘butcher’ can be found in the supermarket and prepares the products you bought, so you can either use or consume them directly. For $1,- they cut 500 grams of vegetables and fruits.

What can the vegetable- and fruitbutcher do for you?

The idea is simple, just buy your products in the supermarket and the ‘butcher’ prepares them as you would like to have them. Cut, diced, grated, julienned, chopped, it’s all possible. It might be the ideal solution for the lazy cooks or when you would like to spoil your friends, family or partner, but not like the pre-cut work.

The conscious consumer

People try to live healthier these days and we are more aware of our bodies than ever before. On social media we see a lot of gym selfies and smoothies. Besides, consumers are looking for personalized services, convenience and comfort whilst doing groceries.

But are we actually this lazy that we let somebody else take care of cutting our vegetables and fruits? In the supermarket it’s already possible to buy packaged pre-cut products. Why should we think that this is going to work? We are quite skeptical. On the other hand, why do things the hard way?

Supermarkets in the Netherlands

In Canada a vegetable- and fruitbutcher can be found in one of their supermarkets, Pustateri’s. Is there a supermarket in the Netherlands who will implement this? For example one of the Albert Heijn XL locations, Jumbo Foodmarkets or does it fit the Ekoplaza supermarkets or the local market more?

Bron: The Gothamist

Website: Whole Foods Market

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