New sketches of holiday park Loonsche Land at the Efteling


The Efteling is currently busy building a new holiday park with special accommodations above, on and under the ground. They are building the accommodations on the borders of nature reserve area ‘Loonsche Land’ and from today on it’s possible to book your stay! You still need to be patient for a little while, since the park is opening by mid-2017.

Loonsche Land: rooms with a theme and a new restaurant

Holiday park Loonsche Land must provide space for 1000 more people around the park, in holiday rentals, a hotel or in rooms with a theme. After opening this holiday park the Efteling will have 3000 beds.

Guests who prefer privacy but also the comfort of a hotel can book one of the 20 themed rooms. These themed rooms have space for 4 to 6 people and are built separate from each other. They are built in the woods to give the themes an extra dimension. They have chosen for Tree, Sand Dune and Waterview rooms. The rooms with a view over the trees are treehouses and are connected by wooden walkways. The rooms with a view over the sand hills are located on sand hills and have, just like the water themed rooms which are standing on stilts in the water, a private terrace. Guests accommodated in a themed room have breakfast at Restaurant De Proeftuyn in the Loonsche Land Hotel.

Restaurant De Proeftuyn: Seize the day!

At the holiday park, on the ground floor of the Loonsche Land Hotel, the Efteling will introduce a new hospitality concept. Guests can go to Restaurant De Proeftuyn for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fully in line with the trends they’re going to serve products from the area and the herbs and vegetables will be from their own kitchen garden! In the restaurant will be a big bar where guests can have snacks, but will also partly be used as a reception. The restaurant will an open kitchen and the design will be colourful with all kinds of furniture. Restaurant De Proeftuyn will eventually have place for 250 guests inside and 100 guests on their terrace.

Website: de Efteling

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