New flagship store for The Avocado Show in the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands


  • The Avocado Show Founders in LondonThe Avocado Show Founders in London
  • The Avocado Show in Westfield Mall of The NetherlandsThe Avocado Show in Westfield Mall of The Netherlands
  • The Avocado Show in Westfield Mall of The NetherlandsThe Avocado Show in Westfield Mall of The Netherlands
  • The Avocado Show in Westfield Mall of The NetherlandsThe Avocado Show in Westfield Mall of The Netherlands

The founders of the beloved restaurant The Avocado Show, Julien Zaal and Ron Simpson will open a new format of their fast-growing chain on Saturday 12 March. Centrally located between The Hague and Leiden, the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is the ideal place for the first Dutch branch of The Avocado Show outside of Amsterdam.

Designed in collaboration with their permanent creative team at Aces of Space, this new version of The Avocado Show with 80 seats and a surface area of ​​190m2 has the appearance of a colorful patio. The guests sit under natural light and are surrounded by many green-pink color accents; the well-known setting of The Avocado Show. Original dishes are served, in their signature style, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Think of the now world famous poke bowl, stacked pancakes, an avocado smashed burger and even cocktails, where the avocado seeds are used as ice cubes.

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Growth potential of The Avocado Show

Julian Zaal, co-founder and CEO of The Avocado Show: “Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is a unique place for a flagship location and a great start for our new shopping mall model. We see a lot of opportunities and growth in locations where restaurants are integrated between other companies and hospitality. We want to lead the way in that development. We believe it is important to continue to innovate during our international roll-out and to bring something new in every format. Innovation and expansion are of course also attracting more fans for our brand, so we are really looking forward to making the move outside of Amsterdam.

International mall culture

Co-founder Ron Simpson: “In the future we would like to expand The Avocado Show to all parts of the world. But in the US, Asia and the Middle East there is a mall culture, of which hospitality is a big part. In order to be able to participate and grow in this field, we choose to further develop our concept. New in this mall concept are the neon accents and the open floor plan, specially designed to create an accessible atmosphere. The exterior and interior have become one in this venue.”


The Avocado Show in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands has become a real showstopper with the now recognizable icons: the pink design sofa in front of the well-known green plant wall, the neon lighting and color blocks; everything is here, but bigger and better. Simone Pullens of Aces of Space: “The various seating options, each with its own character, ensure that you always experience the space, dishes and merchandise in a new and surprising way. The interior is an extension of the brand The Avocado Show.”

Global phenomenon

The new mall model is the third format in the five-year existence that the founders launched, the other two are the original restaurant of The Avocado Show and the to go format. The Avocado Show has since become a worldwide phenomenon known for Pretty Healthy Food: beautiful and tasty dishes, made with sustainable avocados. Branches were opened in London and Madrid last year, the second location in Brussels will follow in March and later this year residents of Stuttgart and Paris will also be able to get their avocado dishes. A total of 21 other franchise locations have been signed.

About The Avocado Show

Founded in 2017 by Dutch friends Julien Zaal and Ron Simpson, The Avocado Show started with a simple mission: to create a fun, cozy place for avocado lovers. It started with one Amsterdam restaurant and is now an internationally operating company with locations in Brussels, Madrid and London, among others, plus many new locations on the way. This expansion was made possible by a capital injection from Shawn Harris and her investment firm Orange Wings. In addition to the restaurants, The Avocado Show also has to go locations, its own merchandise line and avocado fries, which are available at wholesalers.

Website: The Avocado Show.

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