New Brewery Maris Lager in The Hague


  • Maris Lager - Local in The HagueMaris Lager - Local in The Hague
  • Maris Lager - Local in The HagueMaris Lager - Local in The Hague
  • Maris Lager - Local in The HagueMaris Lager - Local in The Hague

The new brewery Maris Lager from The Hague introduces an authentic lager with a modern twist, deeply rooted in the rich beer culture. Founded in November 2022 and run by Diederik Leenarts, Maris Lager is a breath of fresh air for the Dutch beer market, which mainly offers Pilsner in the Lager family. But Lager beers have so much more to offer! The brewery is named after the mermaid standing proudly on the lighthouse in Scheveningen and Maris Lager promises a unique taste experience.

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Maris Lager | ‘Fresh as Pilsner, tastes like more’

Maris Lager is a deep golden Helles Export with an alcohol content of 5.2%. The beer is brewed with three types of malt and extra fruity hops for a modern twist, while at the same time keeping authentic lager traditions alive. The result is a perfectly balanced, refreshing lager that is sure to please beer lovers. Maris Lager’s slogan “Fresh as Pilsner, tastes like more” is the brewer’s promise to market fresh beers with a deeper flavour than standard Pilsner.

Maris Lager will only be available in The Hague’s best on-trade outlets and there are no plans for retail sales. This ensures that the beer will remain exclusive and only available to those who want and can appreciate the best. With a strong focus on quality and craft, Maris Lager is a welcome addition to the Dutch beer market.

Diederik Leenarts, founder of Maris Lager, says: “We are very proud of our beer and the traditions we maintain by brewing our Lagers. Lagers don’t have to be boring and we are proving that with Maris Lager and our future beers. We want to set a new standard for Dutch Lagers and let our customers enjoy the rich flavours our brewery has to offer.”

If you are looking for a refreshing and unique beer experience, make sure you ask for this beer in the best hospitality venues in The Hague and experience the taste of the new generation of Lagers with a modern twist.

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Website: Maris Lager

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