Mywabi | Handmade dinnerware from Japan


  • Mywabi - handmade dinnerware from JapanMywabi - handmade dinnerware from Japan
  • Mywabi - handmade dinnerware from JapanMywabi - handmade dinnerware from Japan
  • Mywabi - handmade dinnerware from JapanMywabi - handmade dinnerware from Japan

The Mywabi brand introduces a wide range of handmade dinnerware from Japan. The name Mywabi is derived from the Japanese philosophy of life, Wabi-Sabi, which is characteristic of the Japanese culture and national character. Perfection is pursued, but at the same time there is the realization that it is precisely the imperfection that holds a pure beauty that adds a unique, distinctive look. Mywabi’s collection includes an extensive palette of more than 150 designs for plates, bowls, cups and mugs and teapots. Each design is unique in its final form due to the fact it’s artisanal manufactured. The products are made of ceramic or porcelain. The products are imported directly from Japan.

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The rise of Japanese cuisine

The austerity and purity that originate in nature are also seen in Japanese cuisine and table culture. Care for every detail, the pursuit of simplicity and harmony. It is reflected in the artfully crafted dishes that find their match in every element of the tableware of Mywabi that is manufactured with the same care, piece by piece.

In the Netherlands, people have embraced the Japanese cuisine. In the past ten years, the number of Japanese restaurants has more than tripled. Yet the love for Japanese food culture has not existed here for very long. Today there are more than 400 Japanese restaurants and sushi is offered in more than 900 restaurants, but in the 1990s there were only a few. Its popularity can be explained by the fact that it is known to be healthy, but it is also a feast for the eyes with its own character. Above all, Japanese eat with their eyes. Everything is taken care of to the smallest detail, from the smallest ingredients to the tableware.

Mywabi | Selected with love and knowledge of the kitchen culture

Delja Blom was born in Japan and grew up there until she was seven. The country has made an unforgettable impression on her and she loves going back there. “When I think of Japan I smell and taste the flavors and aromas that are so typical and specific and that have been so defining for my childhood. I think of nature, the combination of the red autumn leaves in fall and blossoms in spring contrasting with the typical Japanese houses.”

She shows the love for the country and the Japanese cuisine in the Netherlands as a connoisseur and active ambassador. She went through training at the renowned Tokyo Sushi Academy and now runs courses for chefs, workshops and private dinners for fans of the Japanese cuisine. “When we moved to the Netherlands my parents took Japanese tableware with them. I grew up with that and so my passion for this type of tableware was literally instilled in me. It struck me that these products are hard to find in the Netherlands. Many times I have taken suitcases full of dinnerware back with me after a visit to Japan. It continued to fascinate me and so my quest for the origin of these products became a passion. By now I know my way around and can discuss the choices and determine the collections in consultation with the traditional producers. Each time I get excited when I see how dishes and the chosen accessories form a beautiful overall picture in perfect harmony.”

Major misconception; ‘Japan is expensive’

“The products that come from Japan are manufactured with great care and are of high quality. As a result, there is a misconception among many about the price level. When I look at the prices we can offer our customers and I compare them to products from other origins, I can’t help but get very excited about what we have to offer. We make every order a celebration, traditionally packaged with a personal touch.”

Mywabi’s collection can be found at and a visit to the showroom in Ammerzoden can be made by appointment.

Website: Mywabi

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