Mumbai streetfood in Amsterdam


  • SHIRKHAN @ Foodhallen Amsterdam
  • SHIRKHAN @ Foodhallen Amsterdam
  • SHIRKHAN @ Foodhallen Amsterdam

As from October 21, 2014 SHIRKHAN brings the scent and the traditional flavours of Mumbai streetfood to the ‘Foodhallen’ in Amsterdam West.

Yossi Eliyahoo, owner and developer of the well-known international hotspots IZAKAYA, MOMO and The Butcher (West), has joined forces with top chef Hariprasad Shetty to introduce the first real Mumbai street food concept in the Netherlands. Chef Hariprasad Shetty was born and raised in India and has an unconditional love for Indian cuisine. His passion and knowledge of authentic Indian cuisine can be recognized in each of the streetfood dishes at SHIRKHAN.

Lamb Seekh and Chicken Tikka

Dishes like Lamb Seekh and Chicken Tikka are prepared the traditional way in the Tandoor oven or at the Indian grill in view of the guests. The impressive hand-made Tandoor oven is decorated with gold and bronze mosaic and obviously the showpiece of SHIRKHAN. The meat is served on metal skewers with homemade chutney, salads and fresh naan bread.

Indian street food in London as an example

Yossi Eliyahoo’s idea for SHIRKHAN is inspired by the Indian cuisine in London. Indian food is served there at almost every street corner. In the Netherlands the supply of traditional Indian streetfood is however minimal. We wish Yossi Eliyahoo and chef Hariprasad Shetty a lot of success with their SHIRKHAN.



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