MUJI hotel Shenzhen | Opens this January


  • MUJI hotel ShenzhenMUJI hotel Shenzhen
  • MUJI hotel ShenzhenMUJI hotel Shenzhen
  • MUJI hotel ShenzhenMUJI hotel Shenzhen
  • MUJI hotel ShenzhenMUJI hotel Shenzhen

The popular Japanese home retailer MUJI will open a hotel this January the 18th, MUJI hotel Shenzhen, in Shenzhen, China. Hotel operations will be run by other parties, the development of the hotel, the interior design is done by MUJI, featuring the company’s line of furniture and housewares. An opportunity for guests to experience MUJI products.

MUJI hotel Shenzhen

MUJI hotel in Shenzhen is developed around the MUJI concept: walk as much as you can, wherever you can; eat well; sleep well; stay fit. Shenzhen is located in Guangdong Province. The hotel is located close to the heart of the city in the new UpperHills multi-use complex. The reception desk is located on the second floor, with floors four through six holding a total of 79 rooms. A brand new MUJI store on the second and third floors will open simultaneously with the hotel, to help customers experience the world view of MUJI. The guests of the hotel get to experience MUJI products first hand! And if MUJI asks for it they probably provide feedback.

At MUJI Diner (118 seats), hotel guests can enjoy meals featuring freshly prepared nutritious and local foods inspired by home cooking from around the world. Some of the dinnerware is also available at the MUJI store.

The hotel also houses a library, MUJI BOOKS offers a collection of books for all ages and cultures: a source of inspiration and motivation for any reader. The library in the common area of the hotel is open 24 hours, free of charge to the public. A small-scale gym is offering running machines, aero-bikes and other workout equipment.

MUJI Store

One of the largest MUJI stores in China is located on the second and third floor, covering 1,726 m². It sells not only travel essentials, but also everyday items including furniture, storage items, food, clothing, cosmetics and skincare. At Open MUJI they plan to hold workshops and other events facilitating communication with customers, inviting guest presenters from a variety of fields.

The hotel has been designed to reflect an anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap concept. The goal is to offer great sleep at the right price, provide a space supporting both body and soul while away from home, and connect travelers to local communities. Cooperating with MUJI stores, MUJI HOTEL seeks to provide a physical experience of the MUJI philosophy through the texture of the towels, the placement of outlets and light switches, menu and venue of the restaurant, and more. In March (the 20th) the MUJI hotel Beijing will open as well, followed by the Ginza, Tokyo in spring 2019.

Website: MUJI hotel Shenzhen

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