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Mr. Berry’s is an online e-commerce platform where a consumer can discover his or her own personal coffee taste through a machine learning algorithm. A machine learning algorithm? Machine learning is used all around us to allow consumers to make choices. Spotify does it with your music. Youtube works with your related videos. Your bank uses it to monitor your expenses. But the biggest example of this is of course Google.

Mr. Berry’s applies 21st-century technology to an outdated coffee market. An initiative of Floris de Laat who organized the pop-up ‘The Cone Masters’ in 2017. With this pop-up you could, very Instagrammable (#coffeeinacone), drink your coffee from an ice cream cone filled with chocolate. He now wants you to enjoy coffee that suits your taste.

Mr.Berry’s e-commerce platform | turning coffee drinkers in coffee lovers

At the website of Mr. Berry’s consumers are asked 6 personal questions about coffee habits and non-coffee related topics. By answering these questions, the consumer is linked to the perfect cup of coffee for his or her own taste, after which they can buy his coffee directly online. With this data, the consumer builds a personal coffee profile. Check out their 6 questions here! The consumer keeps changing his profile over the seasons as Mr. Berry’s can provide an increasingly specific answer to the coffee taste of the customer.

Website: Mr. Berry’s

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