Modern Japanese dining at urban restaurant Sushi San in the Netherlands


  • Modern Japanese dining at urban restaurant Sushi San
  • Modern Japanese dining at urban restaurant Sushi San
  • Modern Japanese dining at urban restaurant Sushi San
  • Modern Japanese dining at urban restaurant Sushi San

Disclaimer this article is more interesting for Dutchies.

Opening – A wonderful evening out in a contemporary Japanese restaurant where you can choose from classics and new creations from a well-known chef. As from October residents of Zeist in the Netherlands can visit the new urban sushi restaurant Sushi San. The place is uniquely decorated with a combination of modern design and traditional Japanese elements such as large wooden columns, rice paper lamps and drawings of koi carp. Both small and large groups will soon enjoy an exclusive all you can dine concept here.

This Japanese hotspot in Zeist will also work with robots that will support their staff. The fact that the robots are really not going to replace the employees is apparent from the advertisement on their website in which they are looking for employees. We are curious about the robots!

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Japanese urban restaurant Sushi San

The restaurant is furnished with natural materials such as oak, natural stone and a lot of glass. The interior designers of Horeca Sfeermakers also worked with sleek shapes in a modern style. The urban atmosphere is created by the use of large hanging plants and trees. This combination ensures the intimate atmosphere in Sushi San. For example, it is hardly noticeable that this business can welcome 275 guests inside and 90 guests outside. Another special element of Sushi San is the all you can dine concept (excluding drinks). For a fixed price per guest, four dishes can be ordered each round. There is a maximum number of rounds, depending on the no spill policy,  their all-you-can-eat formula.

Signature dishes and classics

The talent and enthusiasm of the – still mysterious – chef radiates from the menu. His love for quality products and fresh ingredients is clearly visible. For example, wagyu beef, truffle and high-quality sashimi are used. This authentic raw fish dish, prepared with fresh flavors and fresh herbs, is one of the chef’s specialties. As he indicates: “I like ingredients like yuzu and lime. With fresh acids you can bring up the flavors of the dishes. This goes very well with salmon, sea bass and scallops, for example. I also like grilled meats, such as tenderloin qubes with sake-soy sauce from the teppanyaki. Or my favourite; beef tataki with a yuzu ponzu sauce.” There are also special creations for fish lovers, such as flambé sea bass with a cream of onion, avocado and cucumber. In addition to these beautiful dishes, you will also find plenty of classics on the menu, such as the California roll, spicy crispy ebi roll, hot bowls and spicy prawns. On the drinks menu, guests will be surprised by a combination of classics and new products. There is a choice of cocktails, Japanese specialty beers and regional beers and special Japanese whiskies.

Robots to support the staff

Owner Nyls Wang has added something special to the restaurant experience. They are one of the first businesses in the Netherlands to have their operation supported by robots. Wang about the technical support: “The robots will not replace our employees, but will support them so that our employees can give extra service and attention to the guests.” The robots get their own personal name and thus form part of the Sushi San team. This makes an evening of Sushi San a unique experience. For reservations and more information you can check their website.

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