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For all sweet cravers amongst us, these eye-catching brightly coloured mochi ice creams might be something for you. Mochi ice cream is a popular Japanese-American dessert made by covering bite-sized balls of ice cream with a sweet Japanese sticky rice dough. Last month the Whole Foods Markets introduced mochi ice cream bars in half of the American stores, and there are plans to open at more locations in the future.

Mochi ice cream at the Whole Foods Markets

At the Whole Foods Markets individual mochi ice creams are available in self-serve cases and giving mochi fans and newcomers the chance to choose from a variety of flavours, including chocolate, lychee, strawberry, mango and matcha green tea. It wouldn’t surprise us if Asian restaurants in the Netherlands are also going to serve these ice creams.

What is mochi?

Mochi is a type of soft and chewy Japanese rice cake made by steamed and pounded mochigome rice filled with a paste to your choice in the middle. Traditionally mochi is eaten to celebrate events such birthdays or new year. Check out this video and you can see how mochis are being made.

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