Mission Masala launches its own ‘Firewater’ rum and ‘Uma’ beer


  • Cocktails from Mission MasalaCocktails from Mission Masala
  • Firewater household blend by Mission MassalaFirewater household blend by Mission Massala
  • Firewater pineapple rum by Mission MassalaFirewater pineapple rum by Mission Massala
  • Firewater rum and Uma beer by Mission MassalaFirewater rum and Uma beer by Mission Massala

The hip Indian restaurant Mission Masala in Antwerp and Ghent is launching their own rum: Firewater. A rum full of character made with the finest Caribbean rum, blended and perfected in Belgium. This new rum is launched in two flavours: House Blend, a dark rum blend, and Pineapple. Firewater can be found at all Mission Masala restaurants, specialist retailers and at the webshop. For true boozelovers, they also released their own beer called ‘Uma’.

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Firewater House Blend & Firewater Pineapple Rum

The Indian soul food restaurant Mission Masala quickly captured the hearts of foodies with its urban Indian cuisine and indispensable cocktails. Those who wanted to enjoy Mission Masala’s cocktail mixes had to visit the restaurant, but with Firewater you can also enjoy a delicious Mission Masala cocktail at home.

Mission Masala’s House Blend is a balanced blend of the finest rums from Jamaica and Barbados and is full of flavour. It is the perfect aperitif on a relaxing summer evening. The House Blend is delicious on the rocks or as a base for cocktails. The Pineapple Rum charms with exotic flavors, and is like the House Blend a blend of the best Caribbean rums and contains natural pineapple extracts. Firewater Pineapple Rum is a delicious soft rum, to sip on as a pousse-café, on the rocks, or as a flavoring in your favourite cocktail. Count on it: these two rums set hearts on fire with a heavenly match of soulful Mission Masala flavours combined with rum from the West Indies. Curious about Mission Masala cocktails? Find the recipes here.

Uma beer | A white NEIPA named after Lil’s Masala

Where Mission Masala’s Firewater fuels the fire (literally), Mission Masala’s own house beer, Uma, puts out the flames. A white NEIPA (New England Indian Pale Ale) with a fresh sharpness, spiced with their favourite ingredient: tamarind. The new beer is made with tropical hops and is light on the stomach. Uma is a perfect match for Mission Masala’s colourful soul food and also offers delicious refreshment.  Uma came after a major Indian beer brand modernized the design of their beer bottles. Mission Masala missed the old-school Indian vibes of the old bottles, and decided to launch their own beer, full of authentic elements. Uma is an ode to India and especially to their little daughter, Uma, after whom the beer is named. Uma is only available in Mission Masala restaurants.

Cocktails with Uma beer

Mission Masala’s rum and Uma are a match made in heaven with Mission Masala’s Indian food. Not only the rum, but also Uma is used in Mission Masala cocktails.

Tiki Uma is a cocktail with Tiki spiced rum, gin, pineapple, lime, ginger juice, and UMA beer.

PalUma combines tequila, grapefruit, lime, agave syrup and UMA in a fresh cocktail.

Their original cocktails are full of homemade syrups, mixes and infusions. Everything Mission Masala serves is made from scratch.

Mission Masala is an Indian love story

The story of Pavan and Tim, and therefore also of Mission Masala, began almost 17 years ago when the two met on Laundry Day. They got married 9 years ago in the Sikh tradition. That the two found each other may have been a coincidence, but it was certainly a match made in heaven. Pavan was born in London, where she grew up with her North Indian parents. From an early age, she stood next to her mother in the kitchen. She feasted her eyes and soon learned the secrets of Indian cuisine. Almost 17 years ago she came to Belgium, where she met Tim. Tim was one of the founders of the Barrio Cantina food truck festivals, has been a DJ for 20 years as Timaxx and Turntable Dubbers and has a thorough addiction to spicy food.

Mission Masala has already won the hearts of foodies in the past. They first created a furor with their food trucks, Mission Masala and Bombay BBQ, at various festivals such as Pukkelpop, Couleur Café, Paradise City, and Best Kept Secret. In 2018, Tim and Pavan took the plunge from food truck to brick and mortar in Antwerp and later they opened a new Mission Masala in Ghent.


Website: Mission Massala.

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