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In May 2017 a concept of (music) entertainment, food and drinks will open near The Hague Central Station. The MingleMush concept will feature fifteen food stands with different cultural foods, three bars, terraces, arcade games, a library with conversation pits and a stage. A combination of parties, live bands, events, spoken word, readings and singer-songwriters makes MingleMush a hospitality mishmash.

About MingleMush

MingleMush’s entrepreneurs found the property, located next to The Hague Central Station by accident. From there, the idea for this new hotspot arose. A meeting place for The Hague’s citizens and visitors. MingleMush will be the place to meet with friends, eat meals from all over the world, drink, relax, read a book, listen to (live) music, work, date or forget about the time. It’s going to be the place where you go for lunch, a drink and dinner. It’s a melting pot of concepts. A mishmash. A ‘MingleMush’.

Van Spronsen & Partners group

To test the economic feasibility of the concept, a feasibility study was conducted by our colleagues from the ‘Van Spronsen & Partners groep’. Positive results have contributed that the above described concept is currently in the development stage.

Food & mood hall

MingleMush unites all the factors of hospitality in an open hall (1,600 m3) and several terraces (300m3). The with glass surrounded area is divided into smaller clusters, resulting in an area with various squares, streets and cozy lounge areas. In the bookshelves surrounding the conversation pits, plenty of books are offered. This all because of a collaboration with the National Library of the Netherlands. The stage on the other side of the hall will be used for live bands, spoken word, DJs, readings and singer-songwriters. In the loft inside the building a game hall will be located where people can enjoy various arcade games.

The food supply from MingleMush same mix. It is a trip through various continents. Guests will see Oriental stews along Polish specialties and Mexican street food. From Asian fusion food to Italian delicacies and classic burgers. Hungry foodies order dishes at a counter and can watch their dish gets prepared in front of them. To make a visit just a little more convenient, MingleMush offers table service and brings the drinks to the table. Each of the three bars has its own specialty such as specialty beers, coffees and gin & tonics.

Good food, good mood. The introduction of The Hague mishmash is scheduled on May 2017.

Website: MingleMush

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