Men’s Day at restaurant De Wits


  • Club De Wits Mannendag
  • Club De Wits Mannendag
  • Club De Wits Mannendag
  • Club De Wits Mannendag
  • Club De Wits Mannendag

Last Sunday the 16th restaurant de Wits was a temporary gentlemen club for the afternoon. With this Men’s Day in Movember the restaurant anticipates to public issues. This original approach can be an example for other restaurant owners.

Men’s Day

The theme of the Men’s Day at Club de Wits in Rijswijk (NL) was ‘Let your beard grow’. During the event the guests could enjoy real men-things. A barber from the local ‘Headz for Hair’ barbershop was cutting beards, ‘Intermezzo Mode’ provided style and clothing advice, wine- and whiskyspecialist ‘van der Boog’ brought a selection of whisky and tabacco store ‘Van Renssen’ provided sigars. The activities were completed with a training for drafting beer, leaving the training glasses of course for the men to drink, and additional snacks. Completely in line with the theme restaurant De Wits donated 10% of the entrance fee to the Movember foundation.

Themes and workshops

This Sunday was not an isolated event, regularly the restaurant organizes events for its loyal guests by the name of ‘Club De Wits’. In 2012 we wrote about a member event by Club De Wits with a pasta workshop, wine and oyster tasting and a pre-tasting of the new menu.

Issue calendar

Men’s Day is worldwide celebrated on 19 November. To have an overview of the days specific public issues are addressed worldwide, check the ‘IssueCalendar’.



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