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During a meeting of MVO Nederland (organisation Corporate Social Responsibility in the Netherlands) and Wageningen Academy, meat company Bolscher introduced a new product category, between meat and vega. The meeting ‘from food waste to food business’ was organised to prevent waste and make use of residual flows. The residual flow of ‘mushroom stems’ is used in one of Meat Your Veggies’s products.

Meat Your Veggies

Next to meat and fish Bolscher does focus on various other foods through a wholesale function, but now also takes a strategic step using its own production capabilities. With Meat Your Veggies, Bolscher certainly does not want to fight meat. “There are too many good qualities, which have been completely ‘forgotten’ in recent years by negative attention to meat. Take the good absorption of animal proteins versus vegetable proteins. And the supply of iron and vitamin B12 is also available to animal products and essential for human functioning,” says cooperation partner Astrid Kühlkamp of FoodMarketing4u. “But most important is the taste of these new products. Without meat, the bag of  tricks must be pulled open to make a meat substitute taste great. Not to mention the amount of salt.”

Meaty structure with umami-flavour

Meat Your Veggies makes it possible for people to eat less meat and good meat in an easy and delicious way. In addition, increasing vegetable consumption is an important incentive in bringing a 50/50 meat-vegetable combination. At the meeting at the Verspillingsfabriek, even a vegetarian wanted to taste the product (and really liked the taste). The reactions to the mushroom beef burger are very promising. According to Astrid Kühlkamp, ​​this has to do with the meaty mushroom structure and the umami-flavour of the burgers. Sodexo is also excited about the taste and will try the burgers at their test locations.

Bron: FoodMarketing4u

Website: Bolscher

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