McDonald’s Next, is high-tech the solution to a healthier reputation and more sales?


McDonald’s Next in Hong Kong; a new high-tech restaurant and a new experiment to revamp their reputation.

McDonald’s Next serves

The new high-tech restaurant, located in the Admiralty district, has touch-screen computers where you create and order your meal, so no more queuing in front of a counter. The new restaurant has a salad bar which is shown in the ‘theatre kitchen’. This allows consumers to watch the process of the making of their salad. Examples of the salad ingredients are asparagus, couscous, corn and quinoa. As you watch the video or check out the pictures in the article of the Daily Mail Online you can only conclude that the salad bar matches what you might expect in a deli. In addition they also serve fresh pastries and premium coffee in the McCafé style.

Besides the salad bar you can order from the regular hamburger menu or make use of the ‘Create Your Taste’ option, allowing you to build your own burger with gourmet ingredients. This ‘Create Your Taste’ option is already implemented at the McDonald’s in Australia and in New Zealand.

The Next interior

The interior; pleasant lighting for a relaxed atmosphere, long wide tables create a cafe / restaurant ambiance and like at many coffee shops chains they have wireless phone chargers. Furthermore the elements, wood, glass and stainless steel are used. They’re also experimenting with table service after 6 pm…

You will probably not recognize this McDonald’s except for the golden arches ;-). The Daily Mail concludes it’s a new attempt of McDonald’s to change direction and create a more healthier image. Well we would love to see a McDonald’s restaurant like that here in the Netherlands!

Bron: DailyMail

Website: McDonald's

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