McDonald’s Brazil | Drive-thru truck


McDonald’s Brazil made the drive-thru way more convenient. They brought their food to their customers with the use of a  drive-thru truck. Their customers didn’t even had to drive to a restaurant, showing that convenience is their main selling point!

Drive-thru truck

They designed a food truck that exactly looked like a McDonald’s drive-thru, with a real order and pick up window, created in their branding colours. The ad was created by ad agency DPZ&T, they took the drive-thru itself to the streets. A simple, yet effective campaign that not only promoted the convenience of their popular drive-thru’s, but also the fact that with 36,000+ restaurants worldwide, people are never far away from a McDonald’s restaurant.

They could transport this drive-thru to the Netherlands to participate in one of the many food trucks festivals, McDonald’s!

Website: McDonald's - Brasil

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