Maze through corn field in Twente, The Netherlands


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In the Dutch village Holten the owners of the playground Dondertman created a very special maze. The maze has the shape of a rabbit and is made through a 2,5 metre high corn field. 

Maze through corn field

The maze is made with the help of a special GPS. This way the creators of playground Dondertman could make the specific shape of a rabbit through the corn field. The maze stretches over a giant meadow and is approximately 2,5 metres high. Children who pay a visit to the maze have to guess five different paw prints of animals. For the parents there is difficult rebus in the middle of the field.

In the middle of the maze there is a lookout tower as well, this way you can see how the different paths are created through the corn field. Or enjoy the view of people getting lost in the maze, must be fun to watch!

The best outing of The Netherlands

The playground was surprised when they heard at the beginning of this year that they won the price of best outing in The Netherlands. The election is an initiative of some newspapers from de Persgroep, including the Twentsche Courant Tubantia and De Stentor. At the beginning of this year there was another celebration as well when they heard they had won the bronze medal for best outing in the province Overijssel, a competition by the ANWB (Dutch Automobile Association). With all these awards you probably have to visit this playground when you are in The Netherlands.

Video maze

Bron: RTV Oost

Website: Kinderboerderij Dondertman

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