‘Mangal mash up’ | At 4 Monday’s at Berber & Q grill house


We’ve have been writing about collaborations between chefs quite often. Many chefs invite their friends or famous chefs to join them in their kitchens for special events. Owners of Berber & Q Grill House have invited some of London’s hottest chefs for a ‘mangal mash up’ at the four Mondays of June. The line-up: Oscar Holgado of Pitt Cue, Andrew Clarke of Brunswick House, Nicholas Balfe of Brixton’s Salon and Ramael Scully of NOPI will fire up the grill and pay homage to a traditional Turkish Ocakbasi feast whilst tearing up the rulebook by putting their stamp on the classics.

‘Mangal mash up’

At the ‘mangal mash up’ the tunes will be pumping all evening, ensuring the atmosphere under the arch is as lively as the chefs at the grill. Each night a DJ will play sets going from Turkish psychedelic funk to Middle Eastern underground electronic music. The bar will keep everyone well hydrated with a selection of Berber & Q classic cocktails and some new ‘Mangal Mondays’ ones. The wine list, will blink an eye to the natural side of the wine world, adding some lesser known gems from the Middle East. Owners of Berber & Q, Josh Katz and Mattia Bianchi can’t wait to see how their interpretation of an Ocakbasi dinner plays out on the plate. Tickets are available here.

The chefs at the mangal mash up

As an ode to the mangal, each chef will be creating a feasting menu of mezze dishes followed by meats piled high on the classic Berber sharing trays alongside their interpretation of Ocakbasi salads and sides. Kicking off the collaboration series on the 5th June is Oscar Holgado who will be showcasing Pitt Cue’s bold and punchy take on the Mangal dinner with dishes including Pistachio Mangalitza Sausage with fermented celeriac remoulade and Cumin Spiced Smoked Lamb Shoulder. Salon’s chef patron Nicholas Balfe steps up to the plate on the 12th June by fusing British seasonality with middle eastern flavours to create mezze including Venison tartare, tahini, pickled walnuts, radish and Confit monk fish cheek, Raw courgette, Elderflower vinegar, before moving onto Barbecue Pork Neck with Rhubarb Ketchup. Meat master Andrew Clarke takes to the stoves on the 19th, with small plates of Burratina, Pistachio Dukkah, Early Harvest Olive Oil and Asparagus Lahmacan, Smoked Egg Yolk, Shimiji Mushroom, Chilli Ferment before Smoked Cumin Beef Shin with Dried Lime Ketchup and Swaledale Hogget Chops with Fermented Shrimp Butter. Rounding off the series on the final Monday of the month, Ramael Scully will be bringing his colourful and decadent North African flavours to the arch with Slow roasted goat shoulder, Balachang Masala and Chicken thigh with burnt miso butter, walnut and pomegranate salsa. To finish things off, Berber & Q’s very own Josh Katz will be in the kitchen each night to whip up a traditional baklava spiced with each guest chefs’ choice of flavour.


Great example of a collaboration between chefs, invite chefs to your restaurants and ask them to show your joint guests their interpretation of your cuisine! If you’ll do this with chefs from other city’s you could even switch restaurants on those Mondays.

Website: Berber & Q Grill House

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