Magic Cake


Recently all over the internet: Magic Cake. We spotted it on Instagram, Facebook and even The Telegraph wrote an article about the miraculous recipe that make three cakes in one! The cake is made of the typical cake batter ingredients (sugar, butter, flour, milk and eggs). The egg yolk, flour, milk and butter are prepared separate from the egg whites and combined right before the unique baking process at low temperatures. Creating a three layered Magic Cake. With a spongy top, a custardy middle layer and a moisty cake base. Although we think that these kind of cakes have been made for years we couldn’t resist making one and try it! One word: delicious! 

How to create your Magic Cake

As we said: recipes can be found all over the internet. We made a very simple version with vanilla but you could make it with chocolate, lemon, coffee, matcha, strawberries, cherries and any other ingredient you might like to add to a cake. The Telegraph gives some golden rules in how to prepare the Magic Cake, like which tin to use, how to whisk the egg whites through the batter etc.. Because if you don’t do it correctly one of the layers will fade. Lots of success if you make one! Check out the simple recipe in the Japanese video above!

Bron: The Telegraph

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