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Last Tuesday, this brilliant advertisement for the Maestro burger from McDonalds Netherlands aired. The reactions at the advertisement have been almost unanimously positive. The advertisement shows how you should enjoy the first bite of a Maestro Burger… it’s accompanied via a live connection by Guido’s Orchestra from Guido Dieteren and the singing of soprano Wendy Kokkelkoren. The new advertisement is an expression of the new campaign of McDonald’s Netherlands: ‘Always Open for Good Times’.

Campaign ‘Always Open for Good Times’

This is the central theme to convey what McDonald’s wants to do for their guests. So a compass and starting point for all contact with their guests. McDonald’s noted in their press release that they have the ambition to become the most loved brand in the Netherlands. Erwin Dito, Director of Marketing, Communication and Consumer Insight McDonald’s Netherlands explains: “It’s more than only serving a great burger and creating a great experience. It is also about what you eat as guest, know how it’s prepared, where it comes from or what McDonald’s does with the trash.”

The service and perception of the 18,000 employees have to strengthen this campaign. Accessible, nearby and an open culture where everyone is welcome. This creative campaign was developed by advertising agency TBWA. The advertisement is shot in Arnhem because of the location of the McDonald’s near a theatre where the orchestra could perform.

Maestro Burger & social media

There are two Maestro Burgers on the menu of McDonald’s Netherlands: Angus beef and Premium Chicken.

On the social media this advertisement is a popular topic and well we think that the first hit of the campaign makes a lot of people smile at least. McDonalds introduced ‘Always Open for Good Times’ with a bang!

Website: Mcdonalds

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