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Did you know that only 15% of winemakers are women? The traditional wine industry is still in its infancy when it comes to inclusivity. Made with Maude aims to change that. This Dutch start-up unites the very best female winemakers and offers them a platform. Why wait with good intentions until January when you can already make a difference in December? The holidays are the time to toast with honest wine.

Great idea for female-led restaurants to put these wines on their menu and in the spotlight!

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Made with Maude | 100% vegan, sustainable and without added sugars or colourings

75% of the Dutch consider it an added value when wine is fairly made, sustainable and inclusive*. So every reason to serve your guests a Made with Maude wine this Christmas or at New Year’s Eve. Made with Maude wines are 100% vegan, sustainable and without added sugars, colourings, synthetic pesticides or artificial ingredients. Each bottle tells how, where and also by whom the wine was made. (*Factsnapp, n=400 Dutch people)

The winemakers | Patricia Santos & Claudia Gomes

Below the introduction of tasty wines from two exceptional winemakers;

ANNA O.5% WHITE: Fresh non-alcoholic wine with a hint of citrus. Perfect with seafood and salads, or as an aperitif.

ANNA O.5% ROSE: A floral non-alcoholic wine with the flavour of wild fruits. Delicious with light dishes or as an aperitif.

OFELIA RED: Elegant and flavourful wine. Red fruits in the aroma and forest fruits on the palate.

OFELIA ROSE: Floral aromas and intense flavour with wild fruits. Delicious wine to accompany drinks or a light meal.

OFELIA WHITE: Lively, slightly funky wine. Pair it with small bites, or a nice cheese board, for example.

OFELIA GRANDE WHITE: Rich, aromatic wine. Very suitable for Christmas dinner.

Patricia Santos: A passionate winemaker with a fascination for nature. When making wine, respect for the grape is paramount for her. Patricia makes wine with her heart, ensuring that the special aspects of the region are preserved in the wine. She is making wine in one of the northern regions of  Portugal.

Claudia Gomes: Claudia is determined to have everyone enjoy her wine, including people who do not drink alcohol. She took up the challenge to create the same taste sensation with 12% less (average amount of alcohol in wine). And with success! She is making wine in the southern part of Portugal at the Peninsula de Setúbal.

Sales information

The Made with Maude wines are available online and at a selection of on-trade outlets including Siersma Wine Advice, Restaurant Salines de Mar in Rotterdam, Olivijn Traiteur and De Slagersdochter in Haarlem, Equals, Theater de Meervaart and Studio Amjé in Amsterdam. Prices from 9.95 Euro per bottle.

About Made with Maude

Made with Maude is a partner of MVO Nederland and pending B-corp founded by Maud Kleuskens. During a stay in Lisbon, Maud discovered how traditional the wine industry is when it comes to gender equality. She has made it her personal mission to contribute to a more inclusive world. At least 20% of profits are used to support projects and organisations working for equal opportunities and rights for all.

Website: Made with Maude

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