MAD FOX | High-end club Amsterdam’s city center


MAD FOX is a luxurious, intimate, cosmopolitan high-end table service nightclub located in the heart of Amsterdam at the lower floor of the W Amsterdam Hotel.

Yossi Eliyahoo, owner of MAD FOX, said the following about the nightclub: “The fox is a creature of the night; a sleek animal moving through the darkness with a mysterious cunningness. MAD FOX captures these characteristics in a state-of-the-art club that unites Amsterdam’s foxes. It’s an international nightlife experience the likes of which this city has never seen before.”


Inspired by clubs from London and New York that set the international nightlife standards, MAD FOX will focus on high-quality table service and unveil a unique, high-end style of clubbing to Amsterdam. ‘Fancy dressed’ people can dance until late at night.

Tumbling down the rabbit hole, through corridors underneath the city, one will enter a world of luxury and thirst-quenching extravagance. Clubbers at tables on different levels throughout the club will enjoy extraordinary service as they party in their private space overlooking the dance floor. The music masterminds behind the club have created a schedule of programming to serve diverse music genres through a high quality Funktion One sound system.

The bar will offer a select list of cocktails accompanied by bottles of renowned champagnes and premium spirits from around the world. At MAD FOX, guests can enjoy music sets from international DJs and special guest. As they entertain the club, music artists will party with their entourage in a bespoke suite accompanying the DJ booth, overlooking the dancefloor.

MAD FOX | Futuristic design

“You take the blue pill – the story ends. You take the red pill – you stay in wonderland.”

Following Morpheus’ words, BARANOWITZ + KRONENBERG play on the theme of the real world versus the dream world and the in-between. Getting through the door means you picked the red pill; goodbye reality, hello dream. While ‘falling’ through the steel plated tunnels, reality soon dissolves as the dream world introduces itself.

Table reservations will be available, and with no guest list or membership and a door policy of ‘dress to impress’, everyone will be welcome. Revelers who make it through the door will experience a night like no other, when they enter the exclusive and intimate world of MAD FOX.

MAD FOX is located at the Spuistraat 175 in Amsterdam.

Website: MAD FOX Amsterdam

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