Luggage assistant Gustave at your service in Paris


Would you use a luggage assistant? We know the drill: your plane or train leaves late in the afternoon, so you want to spend the day in the city. Or you arrive very early and don’t want to waste time bringing your suitcase to the hotel. Most probably you do what we always do: pack your bags and leave them with the doorman or reception. That will cost you time in the afternoon: having to return to the hotel to pick up the luggage. Well in Paris, you can ask Gustave to be your luggage assistant! He will pick up your luggage at the hotel, seal it, insure it and secure it in a safe place till he drops it off at the requested rendez-vous point. Ensuring you and your family of more time in the city and no return way to the hotel! Bag-free traveling. The motto of Gustave in Paris: Keep calm and enjoy your day!

Luggage assistant

In the UK and the United States you’ll have a high-end service called Luggage Free, that takes care of all your luggage from your home till at the destination. This service is for example used by The Leading Hotels of the World, members get a discount. But we also wrote about Travel light, they do the same. Both service aren’t exactly the same service as Gustave in Paris; he just takes care that your last or first day in Paris will be bag-free or as we quote Mr. and Mrs. F.: “Thank you Gustave for this last day in Paris with our hands in our pockets. We could take our time, and now we won’t have to choose our hotel regarding its distance to the station anymore!” Gustave keeps its users updated with SMS and WhatsApp.

Website: Luggage assistant Gustave

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