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On 2nd April, the team behind DUM Biryani House will open the doors to their new restaurant Lucknow 49, an Indian restaurant specialising in Lucknavi cuisine just off Regent Street. To celebrate the opening, founder Dhruv Mittal will be giving away Beef Galawati Kawabs (traditional Lucknavi kebabs) during lunchtime on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd April. Priced at 100 rupees (circa. £1), Londoners can take their chances with the Galawati Kawab rolls priced at the day’s exchange rate.

Lucknow 49

Having travelled extensively throughout India, honing his skills and knowledge of regional cuisine along the way, the new opening will reflect Dhruv’s time spent in the Northern Indian region of Uttar Pradesh and the city of Lucknow where the galawati kawab can be found on every street corner. Originally invented as a special request by a toothless King of Lucknow, the extra-tender kawab known for its silky texture, will be a staple on Lucknow 49’s lunchtime menu.


From Lucknow 49’s dinner menu, designed by Dhruv alongside Executive Chef, Irfan Khan, nephew of Imtiyaz Qureshi of ITC Bukhara fame, guests can kick off with a choice of kawabs, based on dishes beloved by the Mughal emperors whose Persian roots inspired much of the Awadhi style. There’s a lamb kakori kebab spiked with clove, black pepper, and cinnamon, and grilled over coals; and the aforementioned beef galawati made with minced beef and over 50 dry spices, hand-pounded into a soft paste and gently fried. Next, there’s a line-up of Dhruv’s fragrant biryanis, including an Awadhi goat biryani flavoured with saffron, rose water, screw pine essence and a perfume made with the roots of several flowers and seeds alongside vegetable biryani using cauliflower, carrot, green beans and chillies. Lucknow’s curries are labour-intensive, simmered slowly over a low heat – there’s a rich chicken korma, with saffron and just a hint of spice; and taar gosht, meaning ‘sticky lamb’, a specialty of Lucknow’s royal kitchens which sees a spice-marinated lamb leg rendered down for several hours to create a thick sauce. Gilafi kulchas are on hand to mop up curries, while fresh sides of moong makhani dal, pickled lacha onion and homemade coriander chutney to cut through the heat. To finish, cold, simple desserts round off the menu, including a makhan malai, meaning ‘buttercream’, garnished in almonds, rose petals and silver leaf, as well as a traditional aminabad kulfi, set and served in a clay cup.


To drink, Zeren Wilson has curated a wine list of bottles carefully selected to pair with Lucknavi cuisine, including a collection of champagnes, white and red wine. The restaurant will also be teaming up with London Fields Brewery to launch their very own beer and also Bimber Distillery to create a bespoke gin. Also taking their place on the drinks list will be a selection of spice infused cocktails, tea based mocktails and aperitif sours.

Dhruv says, “Awadhi cooking is a slow process, with most dishes taking days to prepare – it’s a real labour of love. Spending time cooking in Agra and travelling around Lucknow, I was blown away by its multi-layered flavours and cooking techniques. I’m looking forward to bringing this style of cooking to Lucknow 49 and creating an escape where people can gather to socialise over a North Indian feast.”


To help realize his vision, Dhruv teamed up with New York based design firm, and James Beard Foundation award winner, The MP Shift. Interiors celebrate the colours of India, the idiosyncrasies of Indian roadside cafés, railway platforms, markets and the warmth of a Lucknavi household.

Lucknow 49 will open on 2nd April and guests can book via website: The kebab giveaway is subject to availability and will run from 12-3pm on 2nd& 3rdApril, limited lunchtime menu available during this time.


Website: Lucknow 49

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