L´OR Espresso launches campaign with chef Joris Bijdendijk


  • Joris Bijendijk met L'or EspressoJoris Bijdendijk met L'or Espresso
  • Joris Bijendijk met L'or EspressoJoris Bijdendijk met L'or Espresso

The taste of coffee with the magic of cooking. This week coffee brand L´OR Espresso is launching a campaign in collaboration with star chef Joris Bijdendijk. In this campaign Joris takes you along on a sensory journey. Together with L’OR Espresso he dives into the world of coffee; we will get to know a palette of flavors, aromas and matching dishes. The campaign consists of a video series of three episodes that show the versatile and sensory qualities of L´OR Espresso, in which seduction of the senses is the main focus. According to Joris and L´OR Espresso, coffee is so much more than a quick caffeine boost. It is great to drink, but just as much fun to cook with. In the videos, viewers learn how to really taste coffee, how to recognize different flavor profiles and how to incorporate coffee into dishes.

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Experimenting with the taste of coffee

In our daily routine we are influenced by the hustle and bustle of the day, so we quickly drink a cup of coffee in between our daily chores. However, there is a universal need to lose ourselves in the pleasure of the moment and make the most of all your senses. Drinking coffee and cooking and tasting unique dishes come into their own when we use all our senses. In this campaign Joris, in his own charming way, makes the tasting of different flavors and the use of your senses accessible for everyone. In one of the videos Joris takes the viewer into a true coffee tasting experience and challenges you to join him. By rolling the coffee in a wine glass, the aromas come to their right and the viewer learns to recognize the different taste profiles of L´OR Espresso.

Joris Bijdendijk: “Not a day goes by in my life without a good cup of coffee. With some extra knowledge you can make your coffee moment much tastier. I really enjoy sharing this knowledge and beautiful flavors in the world of coffee with the public through this campaign.”

Seduce your senses

The pay-off of the L’OR Espresso brand ‘seduce your senses’ seamlessly connects to what Joris Bijdendijk does on a daily basis, as head chef of 2 star restaurants, RIJKS® and Wils in Amsterdam. Joris and L´OR Espresso agree: if we use all our senses, the taste sensation of that espresso, or that dish, will be much more intense. The campaign seduces you to use the power of taste, smell and sound during your daily mindful coffee and kitchen moment.

Martijn Slebus, Marketing Manager at L’OR Espresso: “We want everyone to enjoy their L’OR Espresso moment intensely. That starts with learning to taste with all your senses. Because of Joris’ expertise and enthusiasm and our quality products, people at home will also experience how you can seduce your senses. In addition, Joris will show that you can also create delicious dishes using coffee as an ingredient.”

Win a luxury dinner worth 200 euros

In addition to this content campaign, interested parties can have a chance to have their senses extra enticed every day, from May 16 to July 24, 2022. When purchasing a L´OR Espresso product and uploading the receipt, they can win a dinner voucher worth €200 via the website.

Website: L'or Espresso.

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