Loetje Rotterdam | Introduced in Rotterdam by Fred van Leer


To this date many (inter)national Loetje fans have already enjoyed the famous Loetje steaks in Amsterdam and surroundings. Steaks ‘swimming’ in a lot of gravy which you can eat with a piece of bread. Last week Dutch stylist Fred van Leer and chef Bob Groen cooked the first steak at Loetje Rotterdam in its famous butter: Blue Band.

Loetje Rotterdam | The opening

Last Thursday Fred van Leer delivered hundreds of Blue Band butters to Loetje Rotterdam, arriving on a decorated RIB boat. Loetje Rotterdam is located on the ‘Kop van Zuid’. Before he went to the restaurant, he went to the Blue Band factory where they make the ingredient they use for the famous Loetje-gravy. After the visit to the Blue Band factory, the famous stylist and Youtube blogger jumped on board of the RIB-boat to deliver the present to Loetje Rotterdam. To celebrate the opening of the restaurant, together with chef Bob Groen, Fred van Leer cooked the first steak at the new restaurant, which is well-known for its delicious steaks. According to Fred van Leer: “I have been a huge Loetje fan for many years now. I am really happy that they finally opened a restaurant in Rotterdam. The Loetje steak together with a piece of white bread and the delicious Blue Band gravy taste sublime.”

Loetje | The king of steaks

How to prepare the Loetje steak is a public secret for many years already. The steak, a quality tenderloin cooked in Blue Band is a huge success. Although people usually fail in preparing the steak the same way as they do at Loetje, it’s an easy and beloved recipe: pepper and salt on a steak, Blue Band in a frying pan, get rid of the foam and cook the steak on a high heat till its ‘brown’ and let it simmer for a few more minutes. Within 5 minutes the steak is ready to eat. They recommend you to eat the steak with a few pieces of bread you can dip into the delicious gravy. More than 40 years ago, the first restaurant opened in Amsterdam. Loetje Rotterdam is the 13th restaurant by the recognized ‘king of steaks’. The restaurant located on the ‘Kop van Zuid’ has opened the 14th of April.


Loetje doesn’t only function as restaurant, there are also Loetje (event)rooms which are used for meetings, receptions and party’s and there are Loetje hotels in Overveen and Gorssel.

Website: Loetje

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