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Latin-American restaurant Salmuera has a little brother, Little Sal opened last month in Amsterdam. Little Sal will be open until the late hours at the Rozengracht 106 for street food, ceviche, empanadas and homemade ‘agua fresca’s’. It’s is a dream come true for the owners of Salmuera.

Little Sal

Ever since the opening of Salmuera two years ago, the owners of the restaurant had this idea to open a small restaurant on the side. A small place where guests can walk in, just for a late night snack. The hustle and bustle of opening a new restaurant was the reason that this was not yet implemented. Now, two years later, they succeeded and opened Little Sal. A place where guests can meet the Latin-American cuisine in a different way.

It was a short but intensive renovation. A part of Salmuera’s original kitchen was converted into a 30m2 restaurant/take-away within two weeks. Little Sal is all about the identity of Latin America, especially the small things like bright contrasts, colors and flavors. You will taste the diversity and versatility of Southern America while eating the street food of Little Sal.

Ceviche bar

Peruvian and Asian dishes will be prepared in front of you in the small kitchen or ceviche bar. The Mexican street food vibe is reflected into the interior. Homemade Southern American syrups and lemonades like Chicha Morada and Tepache decorate the tables. Little Sal is inspired by everyday Latino life. Eat with your hands, be together, colorful, small, battered but lived, fresh and real flavors.

Little Sal is open for lunch and late night snacks. Open weekdays from 11:00 to 19:30 and on Friday and Saturday until 03:00 for late night snacks.

Website: Salmuera

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